You absolutely have to see this 4K footage of Iceland to believe its beauty

by on July 19, 2015

Stephan Jukic – July 19, 2015

Few countries in the world possess the sheer desolate beauty of Iceland, with its arctic tundra landscape, vast snow and ice field and riddling of almost deliberately sculpted looking geological formations.

Now, you can be swept away by all of this for a few minutes at least thanks to a recently shot video of all that stark natural wonder that was filmed in 4K ultra HD resolution.

A couple of filmmakers from Stuttgart Media University in Germany, studying Audiovisual Media, decided to spend 14 days in this volcanically active arctic land of geysers, hot springs and monochrome mountain valleys to capture what could really be called its physical essence.

The resulting footage is truly, honestly astoundingly beautiful. The video is just one of a number we have in our collection of such 4K footage, here.

Iceland itself is a small island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean and as a country that just scrapes along the globe-spanning border of the arctic circle, it also happens to be an alpine, arctic tundra. Thus, the islands main biome is a perfect representation of what some 3 percent of the planet’s land surface looks like in both the southern and northern hemispheres. In this case however, the plain, flat tundra emptiness most of us imagine when we think of northern wastelands is completely lately by a jagged landscape of mountains, volcanos, craggy rocks and rugged coastlines. What results is a barren, exquisitely beautiful world of snow, ice and stone out of which you could imagine characters from a fairy tale emerging. Even the lonely wreckage of old airplanes appears in the footage below.

This video was shot with the use of an ARRI AMIRA 4K camera and a Canon 5D Mark III. The video itself was partially sponsored by ARRI Cameras as well.


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