Meet Yamaha’s 2015 Aventage Receivers: with DTS:X, Dolby Atmos and full 4K ultra HD support

by on June 23, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 23, 2015

Sound quality is just about as important as visual quality when it comes to serious, immersive home entertainment, and while the major 4K TVs that are now on sale have you completely covered for visual display, Yamaha is trying to do the same for sound with its new 9.2-channel RX-A3050, and 7.2-channel RX-A1050 receivers.

Basically, if you want to have sound so good that rain on the TV sounds like real rain falling in your own living room, these machines are an excellent choice and they are part of a line of six new ones which Yamaha is adding to its Aventage line of object-based audio technology products.

The above mentioned 9.2-channel RX-A3050, and 7.2-channel RX-A1050 receivers in particular support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, with each of these audio formats offering a more immersive listening experience than most of what you probably know by delivering exquisite sound from all angles, even from above.

The 9.2-channel RX-A3050 can be opened up to 11.2 channels and comes with Yamaha’s Cinema DSP HD3 technology for a truly explosive sound experience. It also comes with ESS 192 kHz/32-bit SABRE32 Ultra DAC for its seven main channels, along with the Sabre Premier Audio DAC for the device’s presence channels.

Furthermore, Yamaha is packing its Dolby Atmos into their 7.2 Channel RX-A850 and 5.1-channel RX-A550, which rounds out the new lineup of receivers. Many of these models feature sound technologies like the YPAO automatic calibration system, Reflected Sound Control and YPAO – R.S.C with multipoint measurement.

Best of all however, at least from the point of view of a 4K TV enthusiast, all six new Yamaha receivers are made to deliver video which completely matches their awesome audio capacities. All six models deliver full 4K ultra-HD video playback with HDCP 2.2 support. The RX-A750 and larger models even add in full HDR video ad part of their HDMI 2.0a specification through a firmware update. HDMI 2.0a is the very newest version of HDMI and ideally suited for handling the next generation of 4K content, which is emerging with high dynamic range for a much better level of visual sharpness in contrast levels.

Part of the new Aventage Receiver line with 4K video playback capacity

Part of the new Aventage Receiver line with 4K video playback capacity

Some of the other Aventage line features include Bluetooth, Yamaha’s own Compressed Music Enhancer, to boost wireless streaming and access to Spotify Connect and Pandora. The Aventage receivers also offer the option of playing high-resolution audio files.

Yamaha will start shipping the RX-A750 later in June for a MSRP of $699.95. The RX-A550, the RX-A850, the RX-A1050 and the RX-A2050 will go on sale in July, with prices ranging from $549.99 to $1,699.95. Finally, the flagship model here, the RX-A3050, will head for sale in August for an MSRP of $2,199.95.

Again, all models offer full 4K ultra HD video playback capabilities and 4K-related connectivity in addition to their hardcore, powerhouse sound features.

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