Xiaomi’s new drone may include 4K video capture and gesture control

by on May 20, 2016

Stephan Jukic – May 20, 2016

After getting into the 4K set-top box game with its 4K Mi box with Android TV, the rather dynamic Xiaomi is moving along to drones that might possibly have 4K video recording technology.

What we know so far is that the Chinese smartphone and TV/set-top box maker is ready to reveal its first ever drone flyer and in the lead-up to the big unveil, the company has released a teaser of what’s to come upon the drone’s May 25th release, even though they haven’t actually yet stated that a drone is what they’re releasing.

Nonetheless, from the photos Xiaomi has put out, it seems completely obvious that their new product will indeed be a drone and running speculation on the new device is already leaning towards details like the inclusion of top-shelf video/photo camera with 4K recording capacity and even the possibility of gesture control.

Xiaomi hasn’t confirmed any of these rumors in any firm way but they have posted new photos of the drone to their Weibo account, the first of these shows a hand holding a propeller, clearly indicating a drone release and the second photo, which you can see above, clearly shows the physical characteristics of a small UAV.

Xiaomi’s teaser also states the May 25th release date at 7 pm Beijing time and we can safely assume that like most other Xiaomi products, the drone will first get a Chinese release before also moving to wider markets like that of North America.

Publicity for the May 2th product release of what is obviously a drone

Publicity for the May 2th product release of what is obviously a drone

What we can’t be sure of is the full plethora of specs that the flyer will have. Unlike many other consumer devices, drones can have highly varied specs but it seems highly likely that Xiaomi will go for the 4K camera specification in their new toy. This is after all a company with an established tendency towards releasing new 4K TVs, set-top boxes and phones with 4K display, content or recording capacity in 4K ultra HD resolution.

Other evidence in favor of all the above consists of the company’s CEO, Lei Jun, revealing that the new drone is indeed real and will be released by the end of May. Then there is also a recent “accidental” teaser release of a Xiaomi drone app to the Google Play Store, which showed 4K video recording as one of its internal features. The company has also patented the design for a drone that can be operated through a wristband with gesture control. Thus, all of these together add up to some grounds for speculation.

If the Xiaomi Drone does indeed include 4K recording and maybe even a built-in 4K camera, we can almost certainly expect specs for ultra HD video at 30 frames per second, which is the frame rate at which DJI’s Phantom 3 and excellent Phantom 4 drones record 4K footage with their own built-in cameras.

We will be adding futther news about Xiaomi’s drone after the May 25th release date or sooner if more details emerge.

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