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Xiaomi’s new streaming 4K Mi Box sold pre-release in Walmart for $69

by on September 29, 2016

Stephan Jukic – September 29, 2016

The new Xiaomi 4K Mi Box is going to be an Android-powered set-top streaming media platform with what looks like quite a bit to offer and at a very affordable price of just $69.99 when it goes on sale in October.

More importantly for the competition, the new device might be quite a rival not only for streaming media rivals of Google-powered technology but also for Google’s own Chromecast Ultra, which will be a 4K streaming media thumb drive of its own type.

The price leak for the Mi Box comes to use from a YouTube video by a user names George Garrett, who happened to see the Mi Box on sale at Walmart ahead of its official release date. This individual was even able to buy a unit and managed to share his video of its unboxing online, as you can see in the YouTube video we’ve shared further down.


Garrett offers us a detailed overview of what the new 4K Mi Box offers and goes over its design and some of the specs. Most interesting of all though is the wonderfully low price tag of the new device.


At just $69.99, the 4K Mi Box is much cheaper than most rival streaming media set-top boxes on sale today with Android support. The NVIDIA Shield still sells for a hefty $199.99 (though it does also offer comprehensive gaming support and a very robust platform with game controller and HDR) and from other brands with other smart OS technologies, the closest competitor would be Roku’s new Premiere set-top device, which is priced fairly similarly at $79.99. Then of course there is also the upcoming Chromecast Ultra, which will feature 4K support and reportly cost $69 as well but this device is only a thumb drive media platform and in any case we can’t say anything about it for sure until it goes on sale sometime after the 4th of October.

Other rivals like Amazon and Apple also offer their own streaming set top boxes but the Amazon Fire TV box costs $99 for the basic 4K-capable model and Apple’s Apple TV platform is ridiculously priced at $149 without even offering the now basic technology of 4K UHD content support.

We don’t yet know exactly what the 4K Mi Box will deliver until it gets a formal release but for fans of 4K content platforms external to their UHD TVs’ smart platforms, the Mi Box might be a very viable option upon its formal unveiling.

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