Xiaomi unveils its Mi TV 3S, a remarkably beautiful, impossibly thin 4K UHD Android TV for roughly $1400.

by on March 28, 2016

Stephan Jukic – March 28, 2016

The Chinese market for 4K TVs was until not too long ago dominated by what many would consider to be second-rate manufacturers of low budget 4K models. This is definitely well on its way to no longer being the case, at least as far as quality and cool specs go.

We’re talking her about the new The Xiaomi Mi TV 3S and while it may not be in quite the same league as the flagship 4K ultra HD televisions of top-shelf brands like Sony, Samsung and LG, the new television from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi certainly carries its own weight in many ways when measured up against mid-range TVs from more recognized major brands’ 4K models.

This huge new TV was announced by its maker just a couple days ago for the Chinese market and offers up an Android TV smart OS along with a massive curved 65 inch display size made by Samsung Electronics. What’s even more impressive is the sheer, nearly impossible thinness of this panel. At 5.9mm, it’s thinner than nearly any smartphone on the existing market and only tice as thin as LG’s own 2016 OLED 4K TV the G6. For an LCD display panel to come even close to competing with OLED panels in thickness is downright impressive.

Much like the older Xiaomi TV 3 which was launched in October of 2015, the 3S manages this ridiculous display thinness by loading almost all of its internal components into a separate TV bar which can be placed below the television itself. This extra piece of technology is called the Mi TV Bar and is a signature twist on typical TV design from Xiaomi. The bar also packs in an Mstar flagship processor engine with 2GB of RAM, 8GB of hard storage and connectivity features like Bluetooth 4.1 and integrated WiFi. The new MiTV 36 also delivers Dolby and DTS audio dual decoding 4K UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels at a smooth but not premium fast 60Hz. 120Hz is the more common standard for high-end 4K TVs but even with 60fps refresh on the display, content will show with plenty of smoothness.

Xiaomi Mi TV 3S 4K TV with Android TV

The going price for the Xiaomi Mi TV 3S is set at 8,999 Chinese Yuan for now since the TV is only being released to the manufacturer’s domestic market for now. This translates to just under $1,400 USD. Not a bad overall price at all considering all of the specs and features this new 4K television delivers.

Along with this 65 inch giant of a 4K TV, Xiaomi has also unveiled a 43 inch flatscreen version with the same resolution and similar specs, which is retailing for just $275 USD.

In simple terms, what these new Xiaomi releases show is that the 4K UHD TV market is not only becoming more developed towards affordability AND quality than ever before but that these developments on both fronts aren’t any longer strictly the domain of the major international brands. The Mi TV 3S is no slouch for what it offers and it’s good to see this level of spec and design quality being developed outside the production systems of the four or five major brands which dominate the international 4K TV market.

Xiaomi has not yet made mention of an international launch for their new Mi TV 3S but we can hope it will hit the U.S and other markets in the same way that other 4K UHD TVs from major Chinese brands like Hisense and TCL have done.

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