Xiaomi reveals their brand newest and most interesting ultra-slim ultra HD 4K TV

by on July 17, 2015

Stephan Jukic – July 16, 2015

A lot of attention gets placed on the major electronics brands and their latest 4K TV offerings, but a large chunk of the market, until very recently a majority of the market in fact, belongs to the lesser known manufacturers of these panels. Companies which, while not so big in North America and Europe, manage to generate killer sales and unit shipments of 4K models in the Asian market.

One of these companies is Xiaomi and they’ve been experimenting with 4K display technology for some time now. Their latest offering and quite possibly their most interesting is the new version of the company’s smart TV that they’re releasing, as part of the electronics maker’s ever growing collection of connected home devices.

Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer of electronics and the world’s third largest seller of smartphones is no tiny foreign business. In overseas markets, the brand is very well known and its global valuation as a corporation sits at $45 billion dollars, no joke at all. Furthermore, the company is pushing firmly into the home with new products and making intense efforts to garner a broader international brand recognition. They’ve also designed interesting 4K-oriented smartphones, which we’ve covered here before.

In any case, the new Xiaomi TV is called the Mi TV 2S and it’s a relatively small 48 inch panel with a screen thinness of just 9.9 mm, making it nearly as thin as most smartphones and only slightly thicker than Xiaomi’s own Mi4 smartphone.

The new 4K TV is certainly no Samsung SUHD model or anything like any of LG’s OLED 4K TVs or even most Sony 4K TV models for that matter, but it’s an interesting new addition to the overall spread of 4K home entertainment displays nonetheless. The MI 2 offers a 4K ultra HD display of 3840 x 2160 pixels, a quad-core 1.4 GHz processor and a set of both HDMI, BlueTooth and USB connections that offer the essentials of 4K content-friendly connectivity.

The 4K Mi TV 2S from Xiaomi offers a subwoofer and Dolby soundbar, very similar to its predecessor, the Mi TV 2.

The 4K Mi TV 2S from Xiaomi offers a subwoofer and Dolby soundbar, very similar to its predecessor, the Mi TV 2.

While we have no clear data about the HDMI on the TV being 2.0 with 60Hz video capability in 4K resolution, the fact that the TV can apparently display full, uncompressed YUV 4:4:4 color gamut at 4K and at 60 frames per second clearly indicates the presence of not only HDMI 2.0 but HDMI 2.0a, the superior version of the connectivity standard. This is definitely trick that impresses since the spec is usually found in only some of the most top-end 4K TVs from major brands.

The Mi TV 2S is essentially a beefed up, augmented version of the older Mi TV 2 4K TV which Xiaomi released near the beginning of 2015, and this new version is going to be hitting the wider Asian market as of now.

Other changes to this new Mi TV 2S variation of the original Mi TV 2 include the addition of a subwoofer and Dolby-powered soundbar. And the design itself has become much thinner (as we already mentioned) while also including an elegant aluminum frame that can be made in customizable colors.

Furthermore, the Mi 2S’s panel has actually been designed by none other than Samsung, so you can count on some of the Koran giant’s superb 4K display technology playing a role in this TV’s quality.

Xiaomi is pricing their Mi TV 2S at the equivalent of just $483 U.S dollars, or 2999 Chinese yuan and 30,000 Indian rupees. Furthermore, the TV is going on sale in India and other Southeast Asian countries.

Finally, with the purchase of a Mi TV 2S, Xiaomi is also offering access to their own library of 4K content, which the company is currently spending over 1 billion US dollars to develop.

All in all, while not well known to North American and European consumers, the Mi TV 2S from Xiaomi offers a surprisingly robust package for a 4K UHD TV.

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