Meet Xiaomi’s new, highly affordable TV for the Asian market

by on March 23, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 23, 2015

The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi has earned a bit of a name for its brand thanks to its ability to sell incredibly cheap but not half bad smartphones and other mobile accessories to millions of customers on the Asian markets.

Now, the company has taken this skill and moved it in the direction of 4K ultra HD TVs. This means that Xiaomi will be launching new television models as of Tuesday the 24th of March, models that the manufacturer has been teasing about on Twitter for some time already. Of the two, one will be a brand new 49 inch 4K Ultra HD model that acts as the successor to the company’s existing model, the Mi TV 2.

The new 49 inch TV set doesn’t quite compare to some of the best from, say, Sony, LG or Samsung, but it isn’t any slouch either. It comes with the relatively decent 49 inch display with attendant 4K UHD resolution and includes a smart TV platform that’s powered by a quad-core MediaTek MStar 6AM918 CPU paired up with the additional kick of a Mali0450 MP4 GPU and a 2GB RAM capable of 8GB of additional expansion.

The new TV will run on the Android platform but has its own superficial operating system skin over top of that.

the new Xiaomi 4K TV will also run on Android TV

the new Xiaomi 4K TV will also run on Android TV

Best of all however, the TV will be retailing for a wonderfully low price that is equivalent to $640 US dollars. Among 4K TVs, this makes the new Xiaomi television the very cheapest from any manufacturer. For example, even Vizio, a pioneer of high end low cost 4K TVs, doesn’t sell its smallest set, the 50 inch P-Series for less than $800 and while the smallest of the LG 4K line, the 49UB8200 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD, oddly sells right now for about $700, most 4o to 50 inch 4K sets from all the name brands retail for more than $900.

The Xiaomi TV thus does sound interesting, except that there are a couple of catches.

First, it’s currently only going to be going on the market in China and a couple other Asian countries. Beyond these, Xiaomi is just starting to sell to the wider world. And only made even its mobile products available outside China for the first time last year. So far, the Mi TV 3 will be aimed exclusively at the hundreds of millions of potential customers inside the massive Chinese market, where 4K TV technology is rapidly gaining popularity. There are also plans for a release of the new TV and its predecessor the Mi TV 2 on the Indian market.

While customers in the U.S and Europe may probably prefer major, known brands like Panasonic, LG or Sony, new, extremely affordable 4K TVs like Xiaomi’s latest model represent a major potential source of competition to even the big name brands when it comes to attracting sales from millions upon millions of overseas customers.

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