Xiaomi’s Mi Note Pro Phablet tantalizingly close to being a fully 4K capable smartphone

by on January 20, 2015

Stephan Jukic – January 20, 2015

As we’ve discussed here on a number of occasions, smartphones with full 4K specs (both 4K filming ability AND a screen with ultra HD resolution) are something that definitely looks like it’s going to be here soon.

However, in order for these new phones to become a concrete, readily available reality, some of their internal specs need to improve by quite a bit. This means some serious processing power, major upgrades to RAM and a powerful GPU that can handle all those extra pixels.

This is where the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro comes into the picture: this is one phone/tablet that comes so close in the above specs for making 4K resolution work on a small screen.

For starters, the just launched device features a 5.7 inch screen with a 2K resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (1440p), a 64GB of internal storage, a Snapdragon SoC with 4GB of RAM and a 64-bit 8 core Adreno 430 GPU and the capacity to manage download speeds of up to 460Mbps. It also comes with a rock solid 300mAh battery with lasting power and its back is covered in curved, crack resistant Gorilla Glass.

With specs like these, we’re looking at one of the most pimped-out and powerful smartphones on the market today and a device that’s just on the edge of being fully ready for a full 4K ultra HD resolution instead of the much more conservative (but still beautifully clear) 2K screen display it has.

Most interesting of all is the inclusion of the Snapdragon 810 SoC chip. This is a processor that Qualcomm has specifically designed with 4K video shooting and even display in mind for the smartphones of 2015 and here we are seeing it in the Mi Pro. Also, the chip’s 64 bit processor is equal to the A8 found in the Apple iPhone 6 chip, which is also capable of processing 4K resolution, as recently discovered by Apple enthusiasts.

While 4K screens in smartphones aren’t quite yet a concrete thing, specs like those of the Mi Note Pro mean that UHD in phones is tantalizingly close.

the Mi Note Pro offers specs that are extremely close to being perfect for 4K screen resolution in a phone

the Mi Note Pro offers specs that are extremely close to being perfect for 4K screen resolution in a phone

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