Xbox One X release Includes “Insects” Demo For Full UHD 4K HDR Showcasing

by on November 11, 2017

Stephan Jukic – November 11, 2017

Microsoft’s Xbox One X, the world’s most powerful console to date, went on sale worldwide only recently and early buyers are now experiencing the heavy-duty hardware superiority of the 4K gaming platform over its predecessors and even the PS4 Pro.

However, although many games have already been “Xbox One X Enhanced” and many more are coming –just like the recent update for Gears of War 4 announced through a wonderful trailer, –you may not have any of them at the moment for full enjoyment on your 4K UHD HDR television. Microsoft has thought about this momentary issue and has launched a special mini-game to showcase the tremendous quality differences between 4K/HDR and SDR/1080p on the Xbox One X.

The name of the demo launched by Xbox is “Insects”. It’s a real-time educational sample specially designed to show just how dramatic the differences can be between the various technologies of consoles by leveraging the best of 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range, Dolby Atmos and the enhanced visuals and textures offered by Xbox One X games.

"Insects" demo for Xbox One X 4K HDR sample

On the Insects demo you can see several ladybugs flying around a garden, both during the day and at night. Once you’ve completed the initial Guided Tour, you can turn 4K resolution on or off, as well as HDR and Spatial Audio to fully appreciate how remarkably the sample looks with the more advanced 4K HDR settings that the One X is capable of. You can also pause to zoom in and notice the high level of details offer by UHD in their finer textures. Obviously, doing all of this with your own new One X console requires that you also own one of the newer 4K HDR TVs that the device is really built to perform best with.

The Insects interactive demo also allows you to see Xbox One X’s Supersampling technology in action, even if you are using a HD 1080p television you can see the visual improvements at least with this particular feature.

The demo is already available to download for free at Microsoft’s Store. The file is 1.76 GB so it’ll be fairly quick to get onto your console and running on your 4K TV, and it´s definitely worth trying. You can also watch the awesome 4K UHD video of the demo narrated by Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live.

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