New Xbox One X Benchmarks Prove Console’s Hardcore And Even 4K Gaming Chops

by on July 6, 2017

Juan Carlos Ropel, July 6, 2017

We are still a few months away from when the Xbox One X hits the shelves but some concrete performance details are already coming out.

Since we learned of its existence, Microsoft has shown us that the Xbox One X is taking a step forward and is pushing to put consoles on the level of computers when it comes to hardcore gaming performance and particularly 4K gaming. In other words, the Xbox One X was built for delivering the PC gaming experience to console players and at one hell of a low price compared to what serious 4K PC rigs cost. In fact, for $500 bucks it is virtually impossible to mount a PC that delivers true 4K gaming at 60 FPS of the kind that Microsoft is claiming for the One X.

But after E3 we were left with some degree of skepticism surrounding Microsoft’s ‘true 4K’ claims, since only a handful of native titles have been revealed so far, such as Forza Motosport 7 running on Xbox One X at 4K 60fps and Titanfall 2 which can even dynamically scale up to 6K resolution to a certain degree, internally (we know of no 6K monitors on the consumer market so far).


But thanks to a Eurogamer report, we’re starting to see how “the most powerful console ever” improves raw performance on games originally designed for the base Xbox One system. Digital Foundry have done a bit more detailed examination of the potential of the console by analyzing the results of different tests performed both with games that are already on the market and with titles that are yet to come.

From these tests we can draw several conclusions. Basically what we see are big improvements in existing games that will get faster loading times, better textures and a more consistent resolution. The anisotropic filtering between X4 and X8 translates into a substantial improvement of the sample textures.

Games running at 900p or 1080p, have notable improvements even without yet having access to some features of the new GPU. The implementation of compatibility for the Xbox One X with previous titles reduces the resources consumed by the Xbox One X’s GPU.

As you can see, we are talking about more than enough improvements to justify the claims of 4K PC-level performance in the One X and to possibly justify the purchase of a console with these characteristics (not that there will be any shortage of gamers rushing to buy the new platform as soon as it starts selling, even for pre-order). This analysis shows that if the games are recompiled using the latest XDK of Xbox One X, they gain a very substantial overall improvement in the new console.

Xbox One X will not only be the most powerful console released to date, it is also the smallest Xbox we’ve seen so far. All Xbox One games will work on Xbox One X, and vice versa. But of course, the facts and analysis stats so far tell us that the Xbox One X really is “the most powerful console” in existence right now. It’s claims of real serious 4K gaming performance are looking firmer by the day too, and this is definitely more than we were able to say for the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro when it was on the verge of being released and even after it started shipping.


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