Xbox One X 4K HDR Console Is Now Available For Pre-order Worldwide

by on September 20, 2017

Juan Carlos Ropel, September 20, 2017

After months of anticipation console gaming fans who really want to get their hands on Microsoft’s Xbox One X can finally be the first customers to receive their copy when the console starts shipping on November 7th, 2017. The company behind the ultra-powerful new 4K HDR gaming platform has opened up pre-order sales of the standards One X worldwide as of today, nearly three months after it was first unveiled at the massive E3 event in June.

Previous to this a special edition Project Scorpio Xbox One X version had already gone on pre-order from numerous major retailers like Amazon and from Microsoft’s own online store but it very quickly sold out, presumably leaving many potential buyers disappointed. Now though, Microsoft has stated that the regular Xbox One X edition of the console will be available consistently for pre-order from a huge roster of local and digital retailers, as well as from the Microsoft store leading up to its shipping date (we’re assuming it won’t be sold out this time due to a much larger manufacturing run for this edition). The Xbox One X is selling for $499 for the 1TB storage edition in the U.S and offers definite improvements over its predecessor, the Xbox One S. Prices in other countries will vary based on different factors.

Microsoft is also taking this opportunity to heavily promote its large and growing list of “Xbox One Enhanced” games for the new console. All of these games carry special graphics and performance features which will allow them to deliver a better-than-normal gameplay experience in different ways to gamers who play them on the One X. These enhancements work on both 4K HDR TVs (for which the Xbox One X has been especially designed) and on normal 1080p televisions to a lesser extent. Some of these “enhanced” games benefits include superior textures, checkerboarding, 4K upscaling, downscaling to 1080p graphics from native 4K for better detail levels and visual improvements such as enhanced colors and contrast. Superior frame rate smoothness is also a major feature of many of Microsoft’s more than 130 Xbox One X Enhanced games. It should however be noted that not all of these game editions will come with support for the 4K resolution that the new console is especially famous for.


Logos for Xbox One X “Enhanced” features

Console gamers who want to see just what kinds of enhancements they can expect to enjoy with these games and the One X on their particular televisions (be they 4K or 1080p models) can also check out Microsoft’s web page for these features at The full list of titles is also available there.

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