Xbox development exec discusses “Pokemon GO” and Microsoft’s commitment to 4K gaming

by on July 18, 2016

Stephan Jukic – July 18, 2016

Speaking in a recent podcast during the Xbox Roundtable discussion on YouTube, Head of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg affirmed his company’s desire to be at the crest of the 4K gaming and video wave through their upcoming consoles, the One S (slated for consumer release on August 2nd 2016) and the Xbox Project Scorpio (slated for release during “Holiday of 2017”.

Microsoft has made quite clear that one of their reasons for pursuing the Project Scorpio comes from a desire to push 4K console gaming to new frontiers and the 2016 Xbox One S is also a major step in that same direction. Now, during the recent YouTube TXR Podcast, Greenberg elaborated on these issues while also delving into the topic of the recently released and insanely popular Pokemon GO mobile app game.

Speaking in the TXR interview (Video of the TXR discussion below), the Microsoft Xbox executive developer stated that the company he works for “is really serious about 4K gaming… It’s a huge opportunity” He also went on from there to describe the difficulties of pushing out 4K graphics in a console and stating that doing so will of course require plenty of hardware power. However, by elaborating on these difficulties, Greenberg also emphasized that the Project Scorpio console for 2017 is a serious “beast” of a console.


Moving beyond 4K gaming and the Xbox console, the Microsoft Xbox Marketing head also shared some of his ideas about the Pokemon GO phenomenon, having mostly positive things to say about the dynamics behind the Niantic, Inc game’s popularity. More specifically, he stated that it’s awesome to see such a game catch on in so many people’s minds and that “the stories about it are insane”.

What’s more, in Greenberg’s fairly expert opinion, the accomplishment of Pokemon GO in creating a social experience which everyone can participate in and which merges reality with a virtual landscape is commendable.

According to the Xbox head, Microsoft hasn’t failed to notice these trends and is also working on its own similar gaming experiences in the Pokemon GO format, particularly with the company’s “HoloLens” project.

The above however is just a summary of the prolonged discussion between Greenberg and TXR, so if you’d like to view the roughly hour-long interview for yourself, here is the YouTube video of the whole thing:

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