Worldwide sales of 4K TVs in 2015 will almost certainly surpass 30 million units sold according to research

by on July 29, 2015

Stephan Jukic – 29, 2015

According to a very recent research report from the firm Futuresource Consulting, sales and shipments of 4K ultra HD TVs in 2015 will eventually surpass 30 million units shipped. This, if it even pans out on the conservative side and exactly meets this estimate, will mean a growth of 147% in shipments over what was the case in 2014. And this is going to be the case despite a 2% decrease in overall TV sales for this year.

In 2014, global sales of TVs of all types increased by 3% over 2013 and amounted to a total of 235 million TVs sold, at a valuation of some $94 billion USD. Of these 235 million units, just over 12 million were 4K TVs. This year, while overall sales of TV remain nearly stagnant, sales of 4k TVs will essentially have more than doubled according to the research by Futuresource. Furthermore, the estimate of over 30 million units is still subject to a lot of potential upward accounting: The actual number of 4K units sold by the end of this year could end up being considerably higher.

This is in fact not unlikely at all given that it’s exactly what happened in 2014 as predictions made earlier in 2014 on total 4K TV sales for that year ended up being surpassed in reality by the fourth quarter.

As a whole, the TV market landscape is still highly varied across different parts of the globe. Some regions, such as Latin America, have seen considerable growth in sales so far in 2015, caused partly by the Brazilian World Cup in 2014. Likewise for Europe, which has so far seen sales growth of 3%. On the other hand, the Asia Pacific region has seen declines in TV sales in 2014 and 2015 so far, despite remaining as the single largest TV market in the world, with 37% of total sales going to the region. And there is considerable room for growth in Asia given the still low TV saturation in many markets.

As for the estimates of a general decline in TV sales for 2015, to just $91 billion worth of sales throughout the year, Futuresource gives the Chinese economic depression and continuing economic troubles in Russia (affecting the overall European market) as primary reasons for their estimates.

However, this is where 4K TVs and larger screen models of HD TVs also come to the rescue so to speak. According to Futuresource, the decline in sales won’t last long thanks to these types of TVs. Thus, the consulting company expects that adoption of both types of TVs and primarily 4K TVs will continue to move apace faster than previous forecasts have indicated. Currently, even curved screens are looking to be major sellers for 2015, despite a mixed opinion of their value to consumers within the TV industry itself. Growth in the 4K TV market is particularly responsible for the appeal of curved TVs, given the numerous models available from Samsung and LG in particular.

Production of new 4K ultra HD entertainment content will further spur 4K TV sales

Production of new 4K ultra HD entertainment content will further spur 4K TV sales

Additionally, smart TV systems in 4K and HD TVs are becoming far more popular and well on their way to being a fundamental feature of all TVs as internet connectivity becomes a major source of content in television.

According to Jack Wetherill, Senior Market Analyst at Futuresource, “In the coming years, Futuresource believes that replacement demand will increase with sets bought at the start of flat panel boom being upgraded. Also, the shift in consumer preference to larger screen sizes will help the performance of 4K sets”.

We’ll have to wait and see how these overall predictions, particularly as they apply to 4K TVs, hold up. It’s highly likely that real year end shipments of ultra HD units are considerably larger than expected, especially if existing developments for broad new native 4K content options pan out

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