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“Wonder Woman”, “Dr. Strange” and a surprise trailer at Comic-Con 2016, in 4K UHD

by on July 25, 2016

Stephan Jukic – July 25, 2016

For a few awesome days last week, San Diego Comic-Con was a raging hubbub of fantast, sci-fi fandom that immerses Southern California in its awesomeness. There was cosplay, creators panels with celebrity attendees, mountains of collectibles and of course, trailers, lots and lots of trailers for the latest and upcoming sci-fi movies for the big and small screens. For those of you interested in seeing the full roster of upcoming movie and show releases from Comic-Con, you can help yourself to the whole selection of trailers presented at the San Diego event here.

However, for really enjoying a preview of a new movie in its fullest glory, nothing quite beats seeing the 4K ultra UHD version in its full native glory and a couple of movies took that honor in particular for the cool action packed experience they promise on the big screen as well as in rich High Dynamic Range 4K ultra HD when they all inevitably come out to 4K Blu-ray release sooner or later. Here’s our rundown.

First and possibly best of all, there is “wonder Woman”, the movie that some fans considered to be the single best trailer preview of them all at Comic-Con 2016.

"Wonder Woman" 2016

Here is a movie that fans have been waiting for since the 1970’s, after the original Lynda Styles TV series finally went off the air and despite a deeply crappy attempt at a reboot of the show for TV audiences in 2011, the interest in the first serious reboot of “Wonder Woman” for the big screen is definitely there among the public. With this in mind, the new trailer for this upcoming movie definitely looks like it’s going to deliver something awesome in a real way. Director Patty Jenkins, who also made the much acclaimed Charlize Theron film “Monster” a few years ago is behind the new “Wonder Woman” movie and the story about a supernaturally powerful Amazon who fights evil in a badass way with sword and armor looks like it might turn out to be a sincerely cool revamp of this very old superhero who was first introduced to DC Comics readers all the way back in 1941 during the dark days of WWII. Gal Gadot seems to do a graceful job of playing Wonder Woman herself and Producer Zack Snyder, whose credits include “Watchmen” and “Suckerpunch” seems to have turned the heroine into a more aggressive version of her comic book version while sticking to the old-timey showiness of a movie set in World War I.

Here is the lovely 4K ultra HD trailer for those of you who have a 4K TV or PC monitor ready to dish out the pixels through YouTube.

Next up, we have “Justice League” with Ben Affleck coming back to a superhero movie lead role but now in what looks like it’s going to be a much better team superhero flick than the abomination that was “Batman vs. Superman”. “Justice League” may not be a stunningly original DC Comics movie or even particularly spectacular but it delivers an interesting cast of characters with Aquaman and the new Flash showing up to deliver the action in what looks like it’s going to be a cool way. Once again, Zack Snyder from the “Wonder Woman” production is on hand but this time as a director and while this may not be the most promising development after what happened with “Batman vs. Superman”, we can at least hope.

In any case, the trailer for “Justice League”, below looks pretty damn good and it’s worth watching in 4K UHD sharpness if you’ve got the display equipment for it.

Moving on, we come down to the highly anticipated Marvel movie “Doctor Strange”. The trailer for this intriguing standalone superhero film looks downright cool and with the terrific talent of British actor Benedict Cumberbatch at the helm of the main role of Dr. Strange himself we can at least be fairly sure that even if the plot of this Marvel movie flops, the performance will have been something worth seeing. Cumberbatch plays a genius surgeon who is turned into a wizard and discovers an entire world of secret magic hiding behind the brooding skyscrapers and streets of 21st century London.

"Dr. Strange" 2016

“Dr. Strange” 2016

And it’s in these cityscape visuals that the movie seems to really excel. As the 4K trailer below shows, “Doctor Strange”’ comes with urban landscapes heavily inspired by the surreal landscapes of “Inception” but with its own unique twist in which powerful sorcery blends with the ultra-modern technology of our present-day world. Among all the trailers we cover here, “Doctor Strange” is the one which most evokes a real feeling of personality in its main character and this bodes well for the film itself.

Finally, while not available in 4K UHD glory, we’d like to give an honorable mention to the unexpected new trailer for a remake of the original and deliciously creepy “Blair Witch Project” from our late childhood (for those of us in our early 30’s and late 20’s) Presented by Lionsgate as a surprise delivery at Comic-Con 2016, this secretly developed new version of the 1999 mold-breaking horror hit once again follows a group of young campers who return to the scene of the original Blair Witch horrors. Check out its HD trailer below if you’re a fan of unique movie scares who remembers the original version of this movie with some fondness.

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