Will we see a new Sony Xperia Z7 Smartphone with 4K display at CES 2017

by on November 10, 2016

Stephan Jukic – November 10, 2016

After Sony’s 2015 release of the world’s first ever smartphone with 4K UHD display in the form of the Xperia Z5 Premium, we might just be getting yet another model with the same display spec in 2017 and if so, there’s a good chance that it will be unveiled at CES 2017 in January. This at least is what still unconfirmed rumors are indicating.

First of all, two new Sony Xperia phones were passed through the European Economics commission recently with the model numbers G3112 and G3121. These are both expected to be Sony’s first versions of a new flagship series of phones that’s slated for launch next year after the MWC 2017 mobile technology event.

However, one Chinese user from the tech watching website Weibo is singing a different sort of tune. According to the user, who goes by the name of “Reviewer”, Sony’s two new 2017 phones will come with 5 inch and 5.5 inch displays and these displays will come with Full HD and 4K ultra HD resolutions respectively.

This leaker, who has actually been right here and there in the past with other rumors (which is what gives his or her claims at least some more weight than typical raw random tech speculation from the web) also has said that the 5.5 inch 4K phone in particular will be unveiled at CES 2017 and that it will offer a powerhouse 4GB RAM. The same RAM might also apply to the 5 inch HD phone, if any of this is true at all. We’re also hearing claims of a Qualcomm processor for the new 2017 phones, which means a further boost to their processing power, especially if oe of these models offers 4K display.

Now, we’ve reported many 4K display rumors for smartphones from Apple to Samsung and Sony as well in the past but in this case, what gives these latest claims a bit more weight is the simple fact that Sony has indeed already released a consumer phone with 4K UHD display of a sort. The 2015 Z5 Premium Xperia line model offered a 4K UHD display resolution on its 5.5 inch screen at least for some graphics and even now Sony is still the only company to have done this in a phone. All other manufacturers of premium smartphones have gone no higher than 2K to-date. The company’s 4K phone display experience goes a long way towards making it believable that the next 4K phone comes from them before it comes from anyone else.


Sony is also one of the major pioneers of 4K TV and camera technology on today’s market and has released numerous new products with pioneering display technologies built into them.

The Xperia Z5 Premium, being a phone, had pretty much no native 4K content to display on its screen, so most of the time the phone simply upscaled non-4K video to fit its pixel count. However that 4K, 8.29 million pixel count as at least fully there.

As for the part of this “reviewer” rumor that claims a CES 2017 unveiling for Sony’s next 4K phone, there is some reason to be skeptical. Sony has historically reserved its new mobile consumer electronics device presentations for vents like MWC and IFA instead of CES (with the company’s 4K TVs being a very notable exception to this tendency).

Sony has not yet made any statements on this matter and even the specs of the nearly proven new G3112 and G3121 phones remain completely hidden.

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