Will Samsung’s upcoming S8 come with 4K AMOLED display and new AI assistant?

by on October 13, 2016
Stephan Jukic – October 13, 2016

 Some of the latest leaks around the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone suggest that the new device is going to come loaded with powerful new specs that include a powerful new AI assistant algorithm called Viv and the strong possibility of a 4K AMOLED display in at least one version of the phone.Starting with the rumors about the inclusion of a new AI smart assistant, the website sammobile recently published a leak which indicated that the California company Viv, which was partly involved in the development of Apple’s Siri smart assistant for the iPhone line and which has recently been acquired by Samsung, will be developing the replacement to the current Samsung S Voice software that’s found in existing devices from the brand. Viv AI is supposed to be a next-generation smart assistant and the mission of the company behind it is to create an AI assistant that’s eve better than Siri as it now exists.

Viv was recently acquired by Samsung

Viv was recently acquired by Samsung

Samsung will definitely need anything which may improve the company’s reputation in the wake of the literally explosive disaster which was the recent Galaxy Note 7 recall, prompted as it was by numerous incidents of this most recent Samsung mobile device burning and even exploding while being used by consumers.

Thus, as a partial deflection of bad press over the Note 7, Samsung will possibly be implementing Viv or at least some other new AI interface into its S8 phone. This strategy is partially aimed at delivering a new user experience to consumers who now have more reason than ever to be a bit leery of upcoming Samsung products and partly aimed at competing in a wider market in which manufacturers are generally trying to step up their mobile device AI development chops.

According to further display and hardware-related leaks that come out of China, Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S8 in two different versions. One of these will offer a 2K 5.1 inch curved Super AMOLED display and the other will come with a hefty 5.5 inch 4K UHD screen.

Furthermore, the Samsung S8 is expected to come with the power of Qualcomm’s new 10nm Snapdragon 830 4K-capable processing SoC chipsets or, alternatively, to be powered by Samsug’s own native Exynos 8895 processors, which are also being built to deliver a tremendous boost in processing power over what has been previously the case in smartphones.

We’re also hearing about the possibility of a dual-camera system in the larger of the two S8 phones. If this last leak/rumor is true, it will possibly bring the next Samsung flagship device up to the level of the current Apple iPhone 7+ in terms of camera design and performance since the iPhone 7+ already includes a dual camera design for better pixel rendering and greater photo and video depth in the shots it takes.


Nothing about the Galaxy S8 has yet been formally announced by Samsung itself but the rumors above have at least some decent credibility to them and given the recent PR disaster that was the exploding Galaxy Note 7, Samsung definitely could use an exceptionally impressive new phone as a means of recouping some of its reputation loss.

On the other hand, despite the consumer relations disaster they caused, the exploding Galaxy Note 7 recalls are unlikely to speed up the formal unveiling of the Galaxy S8 device, so we’re probably not going to be hearing anything official about the phone until  MWC 2017 in February.

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