Will Amazon’s Odd New Discount Policy Apply To 4K Electronics For Black Friday?

by on November 6, 2017

Stephan Jukic – November 6, 2017

“Discount provided by Amazon”. That’s the label that the online retailing monster is now applying to a remarkably large constellation of third party vendor products to which it’s giving an additional discount beyond that already offered by those vendors. It’s Amazon’s latest pre-Black Friday promotional strategy and it works rather uniquely. In essence, while third party vendors can provide their own discounts to the assorted goodies they sell on the website, Amazon then goes ahead and applies its own additional price reduction on top of these, often without even notifying the vendors themselves while still allowing them to keep their original sale price profits. In other words, the retailing giant is subsidizing both consumer and vendor with its own money in an effort to encourage more shopping in the huge third party vendor market that runs alongside offerings from Amazon itself.

Will Amazon’s Odd New Discount Policy Apply To 4K Electronics For Black Friday?

Products with these extra price reductions are labeled with the term “Discount provided by Amazon”. The discounts themselves aren’t huge, so far none have exceeded 10% and they also only apply for vendors who use Amazon’s fulfillment service to move their products to buyers.

In what is probably not a coincidence, the new strategy is being applied just in time for the pre-holiday and holiday sale shopping mania that’s now around the corner, starting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday at the end of this month. Once again, the sellers themselves are paid the exact price they already set for what they sell. Amazon is not cutting out its extra discount from their bottom line. The company covers the additional expense and both seller and consumer should benefit from this. Rival companies might not be so pleased as they compete for rock bottom prices to entice a chunk of the pre-holiday shopping wave that’s coming but at least the rest of us can get a bit of a break on our budgets.

4K TV Black Friday deal

The question now however, at least for us at is whether the discounts also apply to electronics and especially to 4K electronics sold through Amazon’s website by third parties. As we’ve previously written, buying your 4K TVs and other relatively pricey goods via third party sellers on the Amazon website can be a risky proposition on, but not all such vendors are a bad choice and many of them offer excellent prices on fully warrantied, brand new televisions, cameras, monitors and other 4K electronics. Thus if some of these extra “provided by Amazon” discounts are coming to these items, all the better for buyers looking for that perfect new 4K HDR TV in time for Christmas.

From what we’ve seen so far, none of these little additional discounts have yet been applied to 4K TVs and other UHD electronics sold by third party sellers who use Amazon Fulfillment. Questions directed to Amazon representatives simply indicated that discounts would be the case for numerous electronics during the following weeks, so keep your eyes open for that little note stating Amazon’s additional price reduction.

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