What you need to know about watching Rogers upcoming live 4K UHD broadcasts of NHL games

by on January 21, 2016

Stephan Jukic – January 21, 2016

As we’ve already covered, Rogers is going to be adding a major new twist to “Hockey Night in Canada” by embarking on a major slew of live 4K ultra HD broadcasts of numerous upcoming NHL games, starting with the upcoming Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens features game this Saturday January 23d.

According to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, “Rogers 4K NHL broadcasts will bring Canadian hockey fans even closer to the game. This is an exciting evolution of our long-term partnerships with Rogers. We’re thrilled with this innovative move and what it will mean for hockey fans”

However, all of this PR fluff aside, what about the actual practical details around getting your hands on viewing time of these major upcoming NHL games if you’re a serious fan of hockey at its best?

Well, in order to enjoy Roger’s 4K UHD “Hockey Night” NHL broadcasts at a little over four times the resolution of 4K ultra HD these are the key pieces of information you need to keep in mind:

First of all, you can catch the games as of January 23, starting with the Leafs vs. Canadiens in 4K on Rogers Channel 999, starting at 7 pm Eastern Time (Toronto/New York City etc)

The 4K resolution of the games likely won’t come with HDR encoding for HDR-Capable 4K TVs (at least not yet) but the stunning clarity of 4K itself is superb for all the little details, especially from close range. If you’re viewing the match from a larger 4K TV of 60 or more inches, the sharpness is breathtaking at normal viewing distances.

Furthermore, details get even more spectacular when all that 4K video that has been shot by Rogers get treated with extreme closeups of key moments and slow-motion replays. 4K resolution can take up to 500% more closeup zoom than Full HD without any notable loss of clarity or motion blur problems.

In order to watch Roger’s new 4K live broadcasts of these NHL games, you’ll need to be located in the eastern provinces of Canada, have a 4K TV, a NextBox 4K set-top box from Rogers and an attending Rogers Cable subscription package with 4K games and content included. Also, once again, all of the upcoming live sportscasts are going to take place on Rogers Channel 999.

Hockey fans who want to enjoy NHL games in 4K need a Rogers NextBox with cable subscription

Hockey fans who want to enjoy NHL games in 4K need a Rogers NextBox with cable subscription

Keep in mind also that as many as 35% of Canadian households are expected to own 4K TVs by 2019, so moving into the new resolution technology now could be a great move for getting ahead of the consumer curve and your own neighbors to boot.

The first ever live NHL game in 4K that kicks off on Saturday at 7 pm will be only the first of a 20 game lineup of NHL matches from Rogers and Sportsnet for 2016.

The following is a breakdown of some of these forthcoming matches and their schedules. Playoff games have schedules which remain to be decided.

DATE                   MATCHUP

Sat. Jan. 23         Montreal vs. Toronto

Sat. Feb. 6          Toronto vs. Ottawa

Sat. Feb. 20        Philadelphia vs. Toronto

Sat. Feb. 27        Toronto vs. Montreal

Sat. March 5      Ottawa vs. Toronto

Sat. March 12    Toronto vs. Ottawa

Sat. March 19    Montreal vs. Ottawa

Sat. March 26    New York Rangers vs. Montreal

Of course, for those Canadian subscribers to Rogers NextBox service who love 4K video and want something which goes beyond live hockey matches, the company is also offering up roughly 500 hours of 4K UHD content for 2016 with more than 100 hours of movies and TV shows plus roughly 100 hours of live sports and related events. This last quantity possibly includes 81 Toronto Blue Jays home games for 2016.

Rogers own website also has plenty of extra information on subscribing and availability of content.

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