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by on October 3, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 3, 2014

TV maker Vizio is really embarking on a campaign to make things more exciting in the world of 4K Ultra HD TV technology and the company has nicely succeeded so far. Their new line of P-Series 4K home entertainment systems is the most talked about subject on the 4K news circuit right now.

This is with good reason too. The Vizio Ultra High Definition TVs really are incredible pieces of work that have set a new benchmark in the overall 4K TV market since their very recent release.

Not only do they offer a whole boatload of top end features that make them comparable to UHD sets from any of the other major brands like Samsung,  LG or Sony, they also pull this off at an incredibly low price point that’s at least a third lower than that of the name brand competitions comparable TVs.

The P-Series TVs include a number of features not found in the bargain basement, lower end brand name 4K TVs that up until now were the only ones selling for prices comparable to these. In fact, pretty much everything you could get your hands on with a top of the line Ultra HD TV from Samsung or Sony is included in the Vizio P-Series and Vizio itself is well known, high quality maker of TV technology.

We’re not talking about lower end budget consumer market 4K spin-off TVs; these are awesome new high end sets being sold at genuinely reasonable prices.

And we do mean low prices when compared to what’s normal for the name brand 4K market: The Vizio P-Series line ranges from a nicely sized 70 inch model that retails for just $2,499 to a 50 inch mini 4K TV that sells for just $999 USD.

There are also intermediate models sized at 65, 60 and 55 inches selling for $2,199, $1,699 and $1,399 USD respectively.

The Vizio Line of 4K TVs can support HEVC decoding for online 4K content streaming and thus has access to all the latest and best streaming Ultra HD entertainment. In fact, just to concrete its content selection further, Vizio has even made an agreement with Netflix, Amazon Prime and UltraFlix from NanoTech Entertainment to provide access to the streaming Ultra HD content apps that each of these companies is offering to consumers.

These agreements alone make sure that anyone buying  Vizio 4K TV can easily get their hands on hundreds and hundreds of hours of movies, Netflix original TV shows, documentaries and all sorts of other awesome entertainment in true native 4K glory at 3840 x 2160 pixels of resolution.

Moving beyond the content value the P-Series offer, there is also their list of excellent tech specs. These TVs come with full Smart TV features for maximal interactive flexibility and are full capable of upscaling 1080p HD and even 720p SD content to higher levels of clarity. Also, the upscaling engine on the Vizio line is known to be particularly excellent at its job and really creates a notable difference.

Furthermore –and this is a truly high end feature in such an affordable line of 4K TVs—the P-Series of TVs come with full array LED backlighting with local dimming instead of just an edge lit LED display. This means that the entire back of the screen is covered in arrays of LEDs that are subdivided into 72 autonomous zones of illumination which can change brightness for absolutely exquisite levels of contrast, brightness and overall image color brilliance.

Full Array LED backlighting

Vizio’s P-Series feature full array LED backlighting for superb contrast and brightness

The P-Series is now available online on order from and other online stores and can also be bought from brick and mortar retailers such as Best Buy, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club and Walmart among others.

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