What kind of 4K TVs does the future hold? LG’s “fridge magnet” OLED Panel gives a clue

by on May 21, 2015

Stephan Jukic – May 21, 2015

Flat screen TVs may be undergoing a revolution in popularity and thinness as the industry incorporated this kind of design in all of the latest ultra HD 4K displays, but there isn’t quite anything on the actual market today that comes close to LGs experimental new OLED panels..

While Wall-mounted ultra-flat screen TVs are already a big thing, what LG has done with its latest experimental OLED screen takes things to truly extraordinary new levels. The screen, shown off on the 20th of May at a corporate event in Seoul, South Korea, where LG is headquartered, is a 55 inch OLED panel that can basically be glued up to a wall and later detached just like a fridge magnet.

In fact, the fridge magnet analogy goes even further given that the screen is less than a mm thick and just as flexible as a sheet of plastic.

The thinnest current retail models of any LG TV are the company’s 2015 ultra HD OLED sets and with screens that are 4.5 mm thick, they don’t come even close to the 0.97mm thickness of the experimental OLED panel demonstrated in Seoul.

LG is also experimenting with flexible smartphones and other types of displays

LG is also experimenting with flexible smartphones and other types of displays

The panel sticks to walls via a magnetic mat that’s installed beforehand and obviously weighs much less than even the thinnest, most minimalist existing flat-screen TVs on sale today.

LG hasn’t released any real details about when a TV like this will be available or much else about its internal technology. More than anything, in fact, the point of the presentation was for LG to show off just how much they are investing in radical future home entertainment technologies.

For starters, the Korean electronics giant was the first in the world to start selling their now rather popular (albeit expensive) 4K ultra HD OLED TVs in late 2014. And this year, the company has released a number of new 2015 OLED 4K models with still more advanced internal features.

Additionally, LG is either well into development or already in the process of releasing 4K OLED TV technology with HDR capability and technologies like nanocrystal quantum dots for heavily expanded color saturation.

The 1,200 x 810 flexible, magnetic “fridge magnet” OLED TV panel shown by LG can be rolled up to a radius of just 3 cm without damaging its display in any way, according to the company.

Panels like this highly flexible new model are an almost definite future avenue down which 4K and 8K TV technology will eventually move along. The existing models of ultra-thin 4K panels will probably seem positively clunky within the next few years.

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