Wauki.TV Introduces new Smart TV App at IFA 2014, 4K Content to Accompany

by on September 5, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 5th, 2014

Movie and streaming TV service is taking advantage of the publicity at the massive IFA 2014 electronics show in Berlin, Germany to announce the release of of its new Smart TV app, which is going to allow subscribers the pleasure of watching Ultra HD content in full 4K for the first time. The company is also changing the interface of its streaming service as part of the bargain.

Thanks to a broad partnership with an assortment of other smart TV manufacturers, the 4K content provided by will be ready for access on select models from multiple brands by the end of this year. So far the countries earmarked for release of the Wuaki streams include Spain,, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany.

According to CEO Jordi Miro, “[Offering 4K content] reflects two of our biggest objectives; to stand out in the market with superior technology and to offer our viewers the most satisfying movie experience”

Recently and already ahead of most other streaming providers in the world, Netflix and Amazon Prime have both started filming 4K content of their own that they will also be releasing to 4K TVs from an assortment of major brands such as Samsung, Sony, Philips and Panasonic. Like these two major American companies, the content streamed by Wauki will be encoded in HEVC (H.265) video compression formatting that allows the data heavy streams of Ultra HD video to pass over higher end broadband web connections.

With HEVC, 4K video streams that would normally require 60 or more Mbps can be crunched down to fit through a web connection of less than 20Mbps.

Besides its upcoming 4K content streams, Wauki is also changing over to a revamped version of its app for smart TVs on which their 4K can be watched. The changes to the app include a new interface that bring the features of interactive and Smart TV together as well as a streamlined new e-commerce system and the ability to search through the different streaming options of the Wauki service. Furthermore, there will also be a recommendation engine that bases its selections off a user’s overall viewing profile.

According to design department executives at Wauki, the new interface changes are designed to make the overall user experience of the UI more efficient, intuitive and visually appealing.

The new developments from Wauki are part of an overall expansion of streaming media that’s happening with 4K content around the world –though particularly in Europe and North America. More shows, movies and other content options are being offered via streaming and the trend is making a number of experts believe that when 4K really does take off, its dominant means of delivery to entertainment systems will be via web streams. 4K streams 4K Streams to be delivered to select European audiences

However, for those on the European market who are looking forward to the new 4K experience they can get with, there are some crucial requirements: Receiving a 4K stream will require a domestic internet connection of at least 20 Mbps and the TVs used need to be compatible with HEVC video compression.

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