Want To Impress Friends With Homemade 4K sportsCasts? JVC’s New Cameras Say No Problem

by on April 6, 2018
Stephan Jukic – April 6, 2018

JVC has just done something to make creating and mixing live video –in Ultra HD to boot—with graphics and score tracking easier than it has ever been. That’s right, while we don’t see professional sportscasters abandoning their equipment for something like this any time soon, your average person can now do the above thanks to JVC’s new 4K cameras. The devices can live stream 4K video with graphics, scores and so forth integrated right into them with only the camera, a special app and a smartphone or tablet.

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The cameras in question from the company are called the JVC Professional 4KCam (model no#: GY-HM250U) and the GY-HM250SP. Both of them can create a whole range of different graphics designs and be used to integrate it with the 4K ultra HD video they can also record. These graphics capacities vary depending on which model you go for but. These can then have live streaming sports information integrated right into them. We’re referring here to things like score boards, team logos and so forth, with different options available between the two models. JVC is also releasing a less pricey and more basic model called the GY-HM180U in the same lineup. It too offers 4K video.

All three models have been announced right in time for the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2018.

GY-HM250U, GY HM250P

All three camera models come with many of the same essential features that earlier JVC 4KCam models have come with. These include an ultra HD ½.5 inch backlit sensor with a built-in 12x optical zoom and optical image stabilization combo. Beyond this all of the new models offer improved connectivity and an exterior design that now comes with an integrated handle, with hotshoe and dual SD card slots.

In terms of specifics per model, starting with the GY-HM250U, we have a 4K recording camera that can add in a range of on-.screen graphics with live data tracking built into them as well. These can be used for both live recordings in 4K or for pre-captured video. Graphics features of the GY-HM250U include full-screen graphics, titling capability, score boards and control of many graphics options without even having to use a switcher. Instead, users can use their phone or tablet, with a special app for these JVC camera features to manipulate their superimposed graphics in up to 50 different ways. All options are uploadable and storable in relevant devices.

Next there’s the GY-HM250P, which offers many of the same things as the above but with more of a sports-orientation (The GY-HM250U is more capable of general-purpose live graphics integration). Thus, the GY-HM250P can also add in score overlays in assorted different positions and comes with specific scoring options for football, baseball, hockey, soccer and other sports.

Both of the above cameras come with 60FPS 4K recording capacity, as we’d mentioned above, but they can manage this only through their HDMI output ports. There are also a 4:2:2 4K 30 and 24fps modes, and a macro mode for superior close-ups. Furthermore, ll scores can be uploaded to these two models integrated graphics features via smartphone or tablet. From there they can be shared in 4K (if your area connectivity is powerful enough for it) through WiFi and 4G LTE technologies.

As for the cheapest model of the three, the GY-HM180U, it lacks the integrated graphics aspects of its two cousins above and so relies completely on an HDMI output for any sort of live streaming. This camera does however come with 3G-SDI output capability and it does indeed shoot in 4K resolution.


In basic terms, next time you’re watching your favorite team play live and want to let friends back home watch the action on their 4K TVs, but with your own scoring added in live, JVC has got you covered with these models.

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All three of the new cameras will be hitting the shelves as of May. The GY-HM250U will retail for $2,245, the GY-HM250P will sell for $2,595 and the simpler GY-HM150U will cost a much more affordable $1,795.

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