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by on October 10, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 10th, 2014

Netflix is one of the first digital content providers of them all to have moved into the 4K Ultra HD sphere and started delivering content in the enormous resolution. Their service has been live since April of 2014 and currently includes such titles as “Breaking Bad”, “House of Cards”, “The Blacklist”, “Smurfs 2” and “Ghost Busters”.

Up to now, the streaming Ultra HD content available from Netflix has been offered as part of the company’s regular streaming plans that also included all sorts of regular HD content selections. This was the case for the service even when the company signed special deals with specific major TV brands like LG, Samsung and Panasonic to bring 4K content to their 4K TVs.

Now however, new Netflix members who want to gain access to the 4K entertainment the company offers will have to pay a bit more than normal. They will need to sign up for the “family” plan offered by the company at $11.99 per month.

With the family plan, all of Netflix 4K programs and movies are available and the package also comes with the added benefit of allowing four simultaneous streams at the same time to four different TVs in the home (assuming your web connection can handle that).

The “standard” plan with which 4K content was previously available cost only a little bit less anyhow at a monthly subscription rate of $8.99 and allows only two simultaneous HD streams.

While the difference between the two plans is small, Netlfix itself is also not offering a very large selection to 4K shows and movies to begin with. If the “family” plan is attractive it’s more because of its quadruple streaming option and possibly to those who really want to have at least some native 4K content to watch on their expensive Ultra HD TVs.

However, the fact that Netflix is now changing 4K delivery to a separate and more exclusive plan could also indicate that the streaming service will soon be dumping a fresh load of new streaming 4K titles into its service.

This is just speculation but if true, whatever new programs that get added in Ultra HD would be badly needed extras given the current tiny selection when it comes to Netflix 4K. So far, the service offers a very few meager offerings that include those already mentioned above and a couple of documentaries such as the four part ”Moving Art” nature documentary series.

Existing users of Netflix who were already receiving 4K content are grandfathered in under the cheaper standard plan and weren’t billed extra as of August 12th, the date the “family” plan went into effect.

One other issue, crucial to all 4K TV owners who want to enjoy streaming UHD video from Netflix or anyone else who offers it is the broadband connectivity available to a home. Netflix requires at least 15 Mbps to offer 4k streams but recommends that a home have at least 20 to 25 Mbps available for truly interference free connectivity.

Those who really want 4K titles available via the web for their Ultra HD TVs are more likely to be happy with a Sony 4K set. The company not only allows access to the Netflix 4K streaming service but also offers its own native library of 200 titles including movies, shows, concerts and sports recordings under its Sony Video Unlimited service with the installation of a Sony 4K media player such as the FMP X10.

Sony's 4K media players

the FMP-X10 and FMP-X1 media players for 4K on Demand from Sony

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