Want a source of more than 1,500 4K UHD video clips for commercial use free of charge? Here’s where you can get them

by on September 18, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 18, 2015

Finding the right little video clip for your academic, personal or even commercial charge is never 100% simple when you don’t want to pay or play for the right to the video you need. This applies even more so to the more rarified landscape of 4K video content.

Now, a new online catalog has made the 4K video collection process easier than ever and free of charge for all kinds of users. This is thanks to the work of Philadelphia-based director of photography Mitch Martinez, who decided that the world needed easier access to stock 4K video clips and set out to do something about this problem.

His resulting endeavor bore fruit in the form of a large online catalog of 4K video shot by Martinez himself all over the United States, broken down into 35 different categories on the site itself and completely free for commercial use.

For those of you in the audience of who are commercial, academic or private video editors who really want some stock ultra HD video quickly, this is one of your best bets for what you need, and it doesn’t come with any hidden strings attached. The clips that Martinez has compiled can really be used free of charge for commercial videos and they include some truly awesome footage across a wide array of categories.

Martinez is delivering the video for free but does have a license agreement in place on the site which forbids reselling of his content to third parties. However, this agreement has recently been updated to make actually getting the videos quicker and easier than ever. The entire library of content is licensed out on a per-project basis and if a particular user has multiple projects to attend to, then they simply need to fill out multiple forms for each clip. This may be a bit tedious but remember, what you’re getting here is some excellent assorted footage free of charge in exchange.

A RED Epic Dragon 6K camera, one of the pro cameras used by Martinez to capture his free stock 4K footage

A RED Epic Dragon 6K camera, one of the pro cameras used by Martinez to capture his free stock 4K footage

And the man’s site has already garnered some big name attention, with companies like Microsoft, HBO, Universal, Samsung, Nike and many others having already used some of these clips in their own projects.

As for the device used for filming all these videos, Martinez has stated that he captured his 4K video with the use of some of RED’s powerful ultra HD pro video cameras, specifically: a RED Epic Dragon, RED Epic MX and RED One MX camera, depending on the age of specific footage.

According to the site owner himself: “I’m here to help. It’s very rewarding to contribute to the film community, the entertainment of people and even educational applications. It’s kind of a “day off” type of thing.”

Check out the following sample video from Martinez’s collection.

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