Want A 4K HDR Nvidia Shield For A Major Discount? This Deal’s For You

by on November 13, 2018
Stephan Jukic – November 13, 2018

Black Friday is closing in and high quality discounts on major premium electronics of all types are coming in early. Some of these are downright excellent and especially when it comes to high-end electronics with 4K support.

This is why right now, on, several examples of the above are already getting their prices hacked down well before the main late-November sales event.

For starters, we have one of Nvidia’s Shield 4K streaming/gaming rigs. Normally priced at $180, this streaming media set-top box with remote control and full 4K ultra HD and HDR support is now selling for just $139.99. The Shield TV box offers the excellent, content-loaded Android TV platform and comes with all of the essential media apps for 4K and HDR content. These include Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and many, many others. Google Play is also baked into the Nvidia Shield for access to thousands of other apps right on your 4K TV.

Nvidia Shield 4K streaming media

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The Shield also offers plenty of additional flexibility in the form of multiple USB ports for connectivity of additional external devices to the box and to your TV indirectly, and its capable of working as its own Plex server in case you need that too. The Shield also works just fine with both Google Assistant and Alexa from Amazon, the latter of which can be paired up with a tuner for live TV broadcasting if you also have a pre-existing Alexa device in your home already. We mentioned that the Shield is a compact gaming console too. Well this is because it comes with access to Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming service in addition to all of its regular 4K/HD entertainment media apps. This is after all a Nvidia device and gaming support is integral to the brand. This particular deal doesn’t include one of the Nvidia Shield’s special game controllers (you only get the Shield remote) but with the discount, buying a controller becomes a bit easier on the wallet anyhow.

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We basically can’t recommend the Nvidia Shield enough as a streaming media and gaming platform, even if it costs more than much less versatile rival 4K streaming devices from Amazon or Roku.

Without further delay, here’s the deal itself, direct from Amazon and with free shipping included for some buyers (depending on delivery address and other factors).

Nvidia Shield 4K streaming media player

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