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Walmart’s Deal On This Premium 75 Inch Vizio 4K HDR TV Is Too Good To Miss

by on March 5, 2019
Stephan Jukic – March 5, 2019

No matter how picky you might be about finding a new 4K HDR TV that’s right for you, it would be very hard to dismiss the following deal on one of Vizio’s 2018 P-Series models that’s available from Walmart right now for what we suspect is a limited time. It’s among the best we’ve ever seen in terms of both the quality the television itself offers and the enormous price drop being put forth by Walmart in this case.

Basically, for however long this offer lasts as a discount or for however long supplies last, Walmart has one of Vizio’s best-selling, reviewer acclaimed P-Series 4K HDR TVs in the giant 75 inch range from the 2018 lineup available for $1,698. This is $600 down from its list price and –we can’t stress this enough- the absolute best quality you’ll find in a 4K HDR TV at this price and with this kind of size. We mean that. Vizio’s 4K HDR P-Series TVs are some of the best budget television models in existence that actually offer real premium display quality, and the P-Series even outdoes some much pricier competitor models in certain key display specs.

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Its HDR performance is almost second to none, the color delivery for both HDR content and ordinary movies in the P-Series is simply superb and this television delivers absolutely stunning motion handling, deep, rich black levels and some superbly good premium technology in the form of full-array LED backlighting with multi-zone local dimming. For those of you who are a bit new to the world of 4K TV technology, these last features in particular are usually only found in much more expensive 4K UHD TVs from any of the other major brands. In the P-Series, they’re top notch and priced here more affordably than you’ll see become available from any other brand of 4K TV at this size.

Vizio P-Series 4K HDR TV

The P-Series is also physically beautiful, with a sleek metallic build and Vizio’s “Infinity-edge” display with virtually no bezelling along the sides and top of the display, giving the screen a floating on air look in a dimly lit room when you power up this beat of a television’s stunningly powerful capacity to render vibrant high dynamic range color and amazingly high display brightness. The Vizio P-Series also supports all major HDR formats, including Dolby Vision and HDR10, and it really supports them well we might add, because its wide color gamut delivery is sincerely excellent.

In basic terms, we recommend Vizio’s P-Series 4K HDR TVs for stellar across-the-board performance under almost any circumstances, but with a $600 discount off the regular price of the massive 75 inch version, we especially suggest giving this P-Series Walmart deal a serious look.

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  • Chris
    March 12, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    Vizio didn’t make a 75-inch Quantum for 2018. Was available in 65-inch only. The 75-inch is the regular P Series, that’s why price is the same.


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