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The new Roku 4 4K box is getting streaming UHD movies from Vudu

by on October 22, 2015

Stephan Jukic – October 22, 2015

Vudu, the online streaming service used to offer just 1080p Full HD movie streaming and for people who hadn’t yet seen better, this was considered pretty awesome resolution quality. Now however, things are about to go a step further and get delivered straight to the new Roku 4K 4K Ultra HD streaming media box, in the form of several new 4K movie titles that subscribers can enjoy if they have the right kind of TV and a solidly powerful internet connection of at least 15 Mbps.

Now that Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Ultraflix all offer regular 4K UHD streaming of a constantly growing selection of content, Vudu has had no choice but to step up its own game in the 4K landscape if it wants to stay competitive.

Thus, 12 new feature films are available through the new Roku 4K streaming media box via the Vudu app and they can be rented or bought at prices of $10 for a 48 hour rental and $30 for a complete purchase.

According to Vudu, users who want access to the films as streams will need an interent connection of at least 11 Mbps strength but in practical reality, a connectivity strength of at least 15 consistent Mbps is more likely to produce a truly smooth viewing experience. The select movies from Vudu’s budding 4K content selection are marked as “Vudu UHD” and will soon also be available on other platforms such as Vizio’s 4K ultra HD TVs among others.

Even better, the new movie streams offer support for HDR contrast levels and Atmos surround sound in compatible TVs which are capable of handling either or both of these additional specs.

the newly released Roku 4 box with 4K streaming support

the newly released Roku 4 box with 4K streaming support

As for the titles themselves, they currently consist of the following:

  1. San Andreas
  2. Man of Steel
  3. Edge of Tomorrow
  4. The Lego Movie
  5. Magic Mike XX
  6. Jupiter Ascending
  7. Sherlock Holmes
  8. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
  9. The Great Gatsby
  10. Into the Storm
  11. Focus
  12. Run All Night

We can almost certainly expect still more 4K titles from Vudu to emerge in the months to come and into 2016 but for now, even the above selections represent a decent new no-frills addition to the growing 4K streaming content landscape that’s growing around the millions of 4K UHD TVs expected to be sold in the North American market by the end of 2015 and into the next year.

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  • Adam Auksztulewicz
    October 23, 2015 at 11:37 am

    Do you need a special HDMI cable to transmit 4k video from the Roku to a 4K tv or does a standard HDMI cable do the job?


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