Vogue Magazine Shoots New York Fashion Week in 4K with the iPhone 6S

by on September 21, 2015

Stephan Jukic – September 21, 2015

Taking advantage of an early special release of the iPhone 6S to their photography staff at this year’s New York Fashion Week, Vogue magazine managed to capture some exquisite photos and crystal clear 4K ultra HD video shots with the device.

According to recent reporting from, the major U.S fashion magazine managed to gain early release access to the upcoming iPhone 6S model and hand off the phone to pro photographer Kevin Lu, who has already worked with Apple in their major “shot on iPhone 6” promotional campaigns for the 2014 iPhone 6.

The new iPhone 6S looks just like its 2014 cousin but comes with a heavily expanded 12 megapixel photo sensor and the ability to capture 4K ultra HD video at 30 frames per second. Furthermore, the internal photo processing software of this latest iPhone model is much faster due to the inclusion of Apple’s new A9 chipset, which was built with 4K graphics in mind.

According to the photographer Lu himself, “It’s a lot quicker, so I can get more shots that I want, so I don’t miss much…. I also do videography, so the 4K video is really helpful because the quality is absolutely insane on a mobile phone and you can see a lot of the detail”.

Given his extensive experience capturing pro photos and videos with the iPhone 6, this positive view of the new 6S can be taken more seriously than an average review.

The iPhone 6S will be shipping out to preorder buyers later in the week and will also come with support for iOS 9’s new Live Photo technology, which is a feature that adds audio and a brief clip of animated context to a given photograph.

Furthermore, the iPhone 6S, along with its slightly larger but otherwise nearly identical cousin the 6S Plus also comes with compatibility for iMovie for iOS 9 and its new 4K video editing updates. These are available exclusively to the older iPhone 6, these phones and the new iPad 3 Pro which Apple has also unveiled.

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