Vodafone Spain Will Broadcast the Champion’s League Final in 4K on June 3rd.

by on May 10, 2017

Stephan Jukic – May 10, 2017

Live 4K UHD sportscasts keep growing in scope worldwide and new lineups of hockey, basketball, racing, baseball and other types of matches are becoming a major service in many markets, particularly Europe and North America.

With this in mind, some European owners of 4K UHD HDR TVs might love to hear that Vodafone Spain will be broadcasting the final of the Champions league this June 3rd live and in full 4K resolution.

The content services operator has made an agreement with beIN Sports so that they can offer up the full match through their UHD services to Vodafone subscribers who own 4K TVs and own one of Vodafone’s new 4K UHD set-top boxes and a subscription to the Vodafone Futbol or Vodafone Sport packages.

The match will be between either Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid taking on either Juventas or Monaco. According to a statement by the telecommunications company:

“The most awaited game of the season will be available in Ultra HD quality through beIN Sports only for Vodafone TV’s subscribers who own a 4K screen and the latest Vodafone set-top box and are subscribed to the Vodafone Futbol or Vodafone Sport packages,”


This new development in live 4K broadcasting comes shortly after Vodafone actually unveiled their entire country-wide live 4K sports broadcasting service through an El Clasico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The success of this earlier match has partly paved the way for what’s coming on June 3rd and beyond. Vodafone essentially wants to create a massive roster of constant live 4K sportscasts for all of its 4K TV-owning subscribers, and especially now as 4K TV purchases are starting to make a serious dent in purchases of HDTVs through Europe.

Vodafone’s complete 4K content service (aside from its more recent live 4K sports broadcasts) was launched in 2016 and is part of a service that currently offers more than 20,000 titles via VoD and 120 different channels.

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