Vizio’s newest 4K UHD HDR P-series TVs: With Google Cast baked right into them

by on March 22, 2016

Stephan Jukic – March 22, 2016

Chromecast from Google is easily one of the cheapest and simplest ways by which you can turn a smart TV into a full-blown streaming entertainment system. However, to-date its biggest problem has been the simple fact that you need to plug it into your TV, thus taking up one more precious HDMI port.

Now however, Vizio at least has solved this little problem for buyers of their own new 4K P-Series Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display TVs, which all come with Chromecast built right into them.

The new TVs come with an innovative new Android tablet remote control and fans of streaming content can cast entertainment to their TV straight from the tablet device.

As for the new Vizio P-Series second generation 4K TVs, they’ll be going on sale soon and starting at a typically Vizio affordable price of $999.99 for the economy-sized 50 inch model and a more hefty, more high-end $3,799.99 for the 75 inch giant 4K TV with high dynamic range, Dolby Vision, heightened brightness and enhanced contrast as well. Many of these technologies were in fact first seen in Vizio’s Reference Series premium 4K TVs a few months ago when they emerged at the end of 2015.

The new HDR P-series 4K TVs from Vizio

The new HDR P-series 4K TVs from Vizio

According to Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer at Vizio, in comments given to tech website Mashable, “One of the biggest complaints we’ve hear from consumers and from reviewers is that smart TV platforms are proprietary —the apps that are there are typically older versions of the apps that don’t get updates as much. Or in many cases, the app never gets ported to the television because that app or service is focused on their iOS or Android versions. By integrating Cast, a user will always have the latest and greatest applications.”

As for the tablet remote itself, it’s a major overhaul from Vizio’s older simple button remotes and this new piece of TV control technology really packs in the innovation for its purpose. It offers up an octa-core processor, runs off Android 5.1 Lollipop and offers a 1080p HD display screen with 16GB of internal storage. These are specs worthy of a premium stand-alone tablet, let alone a TV remote.

Vizio's new tablet remote control with Google Cast

Vizio’s new tablet remote control with Google Cast

According to McRae, the new tablet remote is also a superb media device and can be used as a portable TV when you’re moving around the house, away from the Vizio 4K TV itself.

Vizio’s SmartCast app is installed on the tablet right out of the box and as such the remote control tablet can be considered a sort of “universal Cast app”, according to Vizio.

This means the ability to search for content across apps from within the SmartCast app and with a minimum of fuss or switching from one individual content app to another.

With the inclusion of Google Cast in its remote control and 4K TV ecosystem, Vizio is essentially betting that mobile technology will be a major part of the future of the TV watching landscape and while we ourselves actually think this idea has a lot of plausibility and merit, time will tell if Vizio’s bet on Google Cast and what it represents will take hold among consumers and spread to other TV maker brands.

For now, Vizio’s main focus is on launching the new 4K HDR P-series TVs, which we ourselves will cover in greater depth in a pending news piece (followed by a review as soon as possible).

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