Vizio’s New 65 Inch 4K TV is Selling Fast, Here’s an Overview

by on October 28, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – October 28, 2014

Among the new and heavily acclaimed line of California based Vizio 4K Ultra HD TVs released at the beginning of October was a 65 inch model that retails for just $2,199 USD.

Featuring a whole roster of specs that match those of the latest and (often) most expensive 4K TVs on sale today, the 65 inch Vizio  P652ui-B2 4K UHD TV is an extremely well-priced package that delivers premium 4K entertainment technology at a price that was nearly unthinkable for what this TV offers just a few months ago.

At the most basic level, we’re looking at a 4K TV with a 65 inch screen, full 4K resolution at 3840 x 2160 pixels, full array local dimming with 64 distinct dimming zones (which even many name brand 4K models from Sony, LG or Samsung don’t yet have), a 240Hz effective refresh rate and full HEVC (H.265) compatibility for streaming the latest digital 4K content.

It also comes with a full series of HDMI outputs along with USB 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.2.

And all of these awesome features come at a price tag that’s at least a full third to 50% cheaper than those of comparable 4K TVs from other major brands.

Vizio's New P-Series P652ui-B2  65 inch 4K TV

Vizio wants to make its 4K TVs available to a much wider, more cost conscious market

Style & Design

The design of all of Vizio’s new P-Series (its 4K TV line) TVs is very sleek, stylish and a perfect set piece for any living room, large or small. The screen is surrounded by an ultra-thin black bezel, comes with a centrally placed minimalist stand and has its numerous connections for audio and other features split amongst its bottom, sides and back.

Furthermore, we’re talking about a very thin TV that’s 2.2 inches wide at its thickest. While this is a bit hefty when compared to typical edge-lit 4K TV models, given this machines full local dimming, which fills the space behind the screen with a complete array of LEDs, the 2.2 inch thickness is actually quite an achievement.

This may not be a cutting edge design, but it is very attractive.

The Major Features

As we’d already listed above, the Vizio  P652ui-B2 comes with a full array of top shelf 4K TV features and the quality is noticeable. The direct backlight full-array dimming is also backed up by what Vizio calls “Pure Pixel Processing” technology. This additional feature involves a proprietary set of picture processing innovations  that make extra effort at removing any possible on-screen glitches, artifacts and other failures of clarity.

This is a great thing to have given that the P652ui-B2 comes with access to the full list of major Ultra HD streaming services such as Netflix 4K, Amazon, Hulu Plus and even UltraFlix from Nanotech Entertainment.

According to the latest test runs with the TV from experienced 4K users, the streaming services in question perform cleanly on the screen even when brought in over a high powered WiFi network.

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