Vizio’s 2019 D-Series 4K UHD TVs Are Ridiculously Affordable And Powerful

by on April 2, 2019
Stephan Jukic – April 2, 2019

The lineup of 4K UHD TVs produced by Vizio in 2018 was almost entirely good to great across the board, and in the case of some models like the P-Series Quantum editions, we saw quality that beat almost anything else available on the entire 4K HDR TV market. In other words, Vizio, which was barely known just a few short years ago, has gone from being a minor player to a brand that really knows how to make great TV technology.

What’s best about the brand’s TVs though is that in almost all cases, their prices have been uniformly reasonable too, and in the case of some editions, retail pricing has been downright strict budget-friendly. This is the case more than ever before right now as the 4K (and now 8K) TVs of 2019 are almost about to take up space in retailer warehouses and shelves and room has to be made. As a result, the consumer sales is increasingly being oriented towards some crazy discounts for all 2018 and older television models.

Vizio however has taken things even further by releasing some of their new 2019 4K HDR TV editions for prices that are equal to or better than the discounts we’ve seen for man y 2018 models that are still going on sale.

The best examples we’ve found this week? Right now Walmart is selling off several of Vizio’s brand new 2019 D-Series 4K HDR TV models for incredible new release retail prices. The 50 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch editions are all going to be available for shipping in just a few days for absurdly low costs.

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All three of these televisions come with the latest in Vizio’s HDR and picture technology for its mid-range television models, and if the impressively high quality of Vizio’s 2018 mid-range D-Series editions was anything to go by, we’re expecting even better from the 2019 versions. The following all come with full-array LED backlighting, full HDR format support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10, and all of the latest connectivity specs. They also include Vizio’s excellent, app-loaded smart TV platform, which is a definite bonus.

The single best deal of the bunch and quite possible one of the best 4K TV deals we’ve seen so far in 2019 is the 50 inch edition, the D50x-G4, which is going for only $298. Following this, if you need just a bit more screen space, there’s the 55 inch edition of the same TV for the absurdly low price of $398. And if you want to really kick display size up by a couple of notches, the D65x-G4, the 65 inch edition of the 2019 D-Series TVs, is also going to start shipping as of April 9th for $598.

Vizio d-series_d65x-g4_sctv-front_us

We haven’t reviewed the 2019 Vizio D-Series 4K HDR TVs yet but we will in the next couple of weeks, but our entire experience with this brand’s previous 4K TV offerings in all price ranges has been either very decent or simply excellent, so we have no reason to suspect otherwise for these versions.

Check out Walmart’s deals below:

Vizio 65-inch 4K Smart LED TV (D65x-G4) for $598

Vizio 55-inch 4K Smart LED TV (D55x-G1) for $379

Vizio 50-inch 4K Smart LED TV (D50x-G1) for $298


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  • Bernard Jordan
    April 5, 2019 at 2:37 am

    Can’t wait to get the 65″. This advertisement was very impressive


  • Cleve Gardner
    May 19, 2019 at 4:25 am

    They discontinued the D and E and P series from last year guys. Just watch the 2019 CES Vizio unveiling of the 2019 lineup on YouTube and they showed the new V series while describing how the M and P series will be Quantum Dot with higher peak brightness and more dimming zones. Last years P series is now the P Quantum and last year’s Quantum is now the X model.


    • Stephen
      July 23, 2019 at 12:00 pm

      That said, Cleve, the 2018 Vizio TVs are still mostly excellent televisions for their price levels. This especially applies to the 2018 Quantum, which was by far the brightest 4K HDR TV of last year and is brighter even than almost any of the 4K HDR TVs released for 2019 that we’ve looked at. More importantly, while still excellent even by 2019 replacement standards, the 2018 Vizio D and P-Series models are now a lot cheaper in many cases.


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