Vizio’s P-Series 4K TVs coming to Canada with release of the award winning ultra HD Full Array LED TV line

by on November 12, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – November 12, 2014

Vizio’s line of P-Series 4K ultra HD TVs has already made considerable waves on the American entertainment technology landscape and has also caused quite a bit of controversy as different reviewers proclaim the line to be a fantastic value while others claim less positive things in their reviews.

Now, the same wonderfully priced, technologically equipped TVs will be going on sale to the north, in Canada for the same low prices and with all the same tech features such as full array LED backlighting with local dimming, HD upscaling engines and a powerful V6 6-core processor that ensures fast, smooth performance.

The Vizio P-Series models will all be available on the Canadian market, from the smallest 50” inch model to the full sized big screen experience of the 70” inch TV.

Since their October launch on the U.S market, the Vizio P-Series line has been widely heralded as one of the best values on the entire 4K TV market available today. And considering that they offer a full array of the latest ultra HD TV technology but retail for prices that were previously unheard of in name brand 4K TVs, the hype has some considerable merit to it.

Each of the P-Series TVs offers full HEVC decoding capacity, a screen resolution of full ultra HD 4K at 3840 x 2160 pixels. All three models (50”, 60” and 70”) going on sale in Canada also come with full array LED backlighting with several dozen (up to 72) autonomous dimming zones on the screen for maximal control backlighting for ideal contrast and darkness levels at all times.

The full array LED backlighting of the Vizio series alone is a highly unique feature for TVs with such low retail prices. Previously, Full Array backlighting was found in only the most high end models of 4K TVs from the best known brands, and all such TVs retailed for enormously high price tags of $4,000 or more in most cases. Cheaper 4K brands instead offered edge lit LED backlighting, which is far inferior to the full array experience.

This is finally no longer the case, and in this advancement alone, Vizio deserves full applause.

The Vizio line of TVs has also been designed to stream the latest UHD content from web based streaming providers like Netflix and, a bit later in the year, Ultraflix and Amazon Prime. This is where the HEVC decoding ability of the sets comes into play. It too is a feature that until recently was only found in higher end, more expensive ultra HD TVs.

On top of their rich array of standard top shelf technological specs, the new TVs for Canadians will also feature Clear Action Rate 960 technology, which is designed to refresh the screen image at a very rapid 240Hz that ensures crisp, clear picture quality and smooth motion flow, both of which will be perfect for Canadians who want to watch a fast paced hockey match on their P-Series sets.

The Vizio Smart TV platform also comes with built-in access to a number of great media apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Yahoo! News, Flickr and Hulu. Because of their 4K resolution, these TVs are actually perfect platforms for viewing digital camera images and homemade 4K video from UHD capable cameras and camcorders. Canadians without access to the high speed internet speeds of 20+Mbps necessary for streaming content from Netflix and Amazon Prime can still enjoy the HD upscaling technology in the TVs to make their viewing of ordinary Full HD and SD content crisper than ever before.

Upon release onto the Canadian market, the Vizio P-series will be available for purchase online and in Best Buy Canada as well as Future Shop retail locations.

A 4K UHD TV on display at a Future Shop retail outlet in Canada

A 4K UHD TV on display at a Future Shop retail outlet in Canada

Suggested retail prices for the three models hitting the Canadian market will be as follows:

VIZIO 50″ P-Series Ultra HD P502ui-B1 Smart TV                                                            $1,139.99

VIZIO 60″ P-Series Ultra HD P602ui-B3 Smart TV                                                            $1,939.99

VIZIO 70″ P-Series Ultra HD P702ui-B3 Smart TV                                                            $2,849.99

These prices are comparable to the U.S dollar MSRP when converted to Canadian dollars.

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