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After affordable P-Series, Vizio aims for even lower 4K TV prices in the M-Series

by on February 25, 2015

Stephan Jukic – February 25, 2015

Vizio had already provoked waves in the world of 4K ultra HD TV price competition when it released its now renowned P-Series 4K ultra HD TVs in October of 2014. At the time, the P-Series televisions not only offered ridiculously low new price levels but also managed to do this while coming packed with the latest and best visual specs and connectivity features.

Now the same company is at it again according to sources at the website HD Guru, which has leaked the supposed prices of the upcoming M-Series 4K TVs. Based on the numbers indicated by HD Guru, the 4K TVs from Vizio will once again make some serious waves in the world of 4K TV pricing with new models with starting prices as low as $600 for a 43 inch model to just $4,000 for the big-screen glory of a monstrous 80 Inch UHD TV.

The details obtained by HD Guru include pricing details, release dates and some initial specs for the latest, now 4K, version of the M-Series TVs that are currently only available in Full HD 1080p resolution.

Even the HD versions of these TVs have also made some waves, like their 4K P-series counterparts, because they come with the normally premium technology of full-array LED backlighting with multi-zone local dimming to boot. This feature, more than most others is what really made Vizio’s TVs so famous, given their very low prices.

Now that the M-Series is on the way, they will outdo even their P-Series cousins in terms of pricing if the HD Guru leak is to be believed.

The new models will keep all the best specs that they already have while also going from 1080p to ultra HD resolution and at the same time, they will maintain almost the same prices as their Full HD versions!

Furthermore, there will be other specific improvements to the line of televisions. These include an upgrade from 5 dimming zones to 32 for the 65 inch TV model’s screen and LED backlighting system; the same increase in dimming zones is also expected for the other screen sizes, ranging from 43 to 80 inches. Furthermore, while there are no disclosures on their expected refresh rates as of yet, they should almost certainly go to the 120Hz mark that is now the industry standard for the latest 4K UHD TVs of any real quality.

What makes all of this remarkable is, once again, the fact that their prices will only increase slightly from where they stand now with the HD versions of these TVs. This is downright amazing and will lead to the mass release of a whole line of 4K TVs with premium features at prices that are currently completely unheard of. The effect on the rest of the 4K UHD TV industry will possibly lead to even further across-the-board price drops.

According to the HD Guru leak, the prices and release dates of the 4K M-Series TVs will go as follows:

M80-C3 80-inch                June      $3,999

M75-C1 75-inch                Fall         $2,999

M70-C3 70-inch              Spring        $2,199

M65-C1 65-inch             Spring        $1,699

M60-C3 60-inch              Spring       $1,499

M55-C2 55-inch              Spring       $999

M50-C1 50-inch              Spring      $899

M43-C1 43-inch              Spring     $599


These are truly extraordinary prices and the smaller TVs on the lower end of the scale are truly going to be priced at genuinely affordable rates, by almost any standards, even those of HD –assuming HD Guru’s leak is correct.

Furthermore, other leaked specs include 4 HDMI inputs, contrast ratios of 20 million to 1 and the full blown Vizio Smart TV platform with full connectivity to the latest streaming 4K services like Netflix, UltraFlix and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

For now we’ll just have to wait and see, but if these specs are all true, the entire industry, from Panasonic to Sony, is going to be watching and waiting.

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  • Harley d ellwanger
    March 25, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    I have got a 55 inch tv from Walmart that is yalls and I am not to happy my son bumped in to it and the screen cracked I have never had one do that I sent all most 700$ just to thow it a way


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