Vizio finally fixes the color flaw that had been a major thorn for its ultra-affordable 4K TVs

by on January 14, 2015

Stephan Jukic – January 14, 2015

Possibly in the face of fierce competition for buyers’ dollars or possibly out of customer loyalty, Vizio has finally fixed a major flaw that a lot of users reported in its P-Series 4K TVs and particularly in its cheapest 4K model, the 50-inch P-Series, which retails for less than $999.

According to a recent review, the Vizio P-Series came extremely close to being the holy grail of awesome 4K TVs. They offer the entire spectrum of technologies for the best possible 4K experience, come with full connectivity to the latest 4K media services and, best of all, cost much, much less than the competitor models made by Sony, Samsung or just about any other high-end brand.

However, one major flaw that spoiled this ideal trajectory was a firmware problem that caused the TVs to have image processing issues which produced less than ideal color combinations under certain circumstances; mainly, the sharpness of color was too excessive and made a lot of video content look absurdly fake.

When these flaws were first noted in November, Vizio readily admitted to the problem, calling it a “bug”, and promised that it would soon be fixing the issue into the first days of 2015.

It seems that the company has made good on this promise after all. They recently made a free software update patch available for their P-series. Since the TVs are web-connected, the patch will likely download and install automatically for most users.

Furthermore, Vizio has also dropped the price of their smallest 4K TV, the 50-inch model from its previous $999 to just $799 and has also decreased the price of its 60-inch P-Series by $200, to just $1499. These two price drops make these already extremely affordable 4K TVs into some of the very lowest priced models available from any high-end brand.

Vizio's most affordable 4K TV, the 50 inch P-Series model

Vizio’s most affordable 4K TV, the 50 inch P-Series model

The new software patch that fixes the Vizio’s sharpness bug is desiged so that users can now shut the sharpness all the way off. Doing this should not only make color look more natural on the TVs but will also reduce the effect of “halo” formation around dark lines in video shown on the TVs.

In simple terms, the new update means that characters in movies shown on the P-Series no longer look like the vampires from Twilight.

The new Vizio patch also updates several apps from streaming services like Amazon Prime and Ultraflix.

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  • indiecor3
    January 31, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    too bad my set is still on firmware 1.0.1 and won’t update :/


    • Thedon82z1
      February 7, 2015 at 6:13 pm

      Vizio is the only manufacture that has the strangest update set-up, however as a fellow owner I will help you.
      1st the update takes about 30 mins, to update it you have to push menu on the remote,go to system ,go to system information, scroll down to service check,click yes then cut the tv off. The way there updates work is each tv is pushed in a Que based on model/serial number. So it took me about 3 days of checking to get it every time a new update launched.What I recommend is first thing make sure your tv is registered with Vizio (I called them just to make sure). Next while alot of people left there tv off for like 30mins and it updated. For me the first time that did not happen. So what I did was use the service check before I went to bed at night and when I woke up it was pushed to my tv. Also to get all the best info on your tv, how to best calibrate your model and any questions. You should join the vizio p owners thread they helped me alot and you learn alot about your tv in general.


  • indiecor3
    March 25, 2015 at 8:33 am

    It finally worked. Thanks!


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