Vizio gets ambitious about expanding sales and brand recognition of its highly affordable M-Series 4K TVs

by on July 22, 2015

Stephan Jukic – July 22, 2015

Vizio, after breaking into the U.S TV market in a big way with its new lines of highly affordable 4K TVs in the M-Series and P-Series before that and offering them to Budget conscious customers through stores like Walmart, Amazon and Costco, is now thinking even more ambitiously.

Now that the company has established a reputation for itself with the aforementioned TVs and their full-array LED displays, it’s moving into HDR 4K content with a new 120 inch HDR/4K Reference-series model and, more importantly still, the once unknown company believes that specialty A/V dealers will look past its cheap TV heritage and also accept Vizio’s newly defined brand.

A crucial step in this new advancement and expansion project is the placement of the Vizio M-Series TV within the ranks of the PowerHouse Alliance, a 12-member national organization of regional sellers who serve specialty retail and CI channels.

Vizio essentially wants to partner with the PowerHouse Alliance to offer their product line of 4K displays to a whole new frontier audience of home technology installers, according to the company’s co-founder and CSO, Laynie Newsome.

The PowerHouse Alliance is already incorporating the M-Series into its sales distribution chains and in an annual meeting this week, explained that training on how to distribute and sell the M-Series TV has already begun among member distributors. These distributors will start carrying the Vizio TV line right away, to their CI channel customers.

“We are very eager and excited to help Vizio enhance its visibility across the marketplace, while creating greater availability and easier access to new CI-designed specialty products coming this fall”, claimed PowerHouse executive director Dennis Holzer in remarks made at this week’s sales meeting.

One of Vizio's  late 2014 P-Series 4K TVs, the first to break the pricing/quality mold

One of Vizio’s late 2014 P-Series 4K TVs, the first to break the pricing/quality mold

He also explained that the Vizio brand of highly affordable but high quality 4K TV offers a unique opportunity for distributor members and for the CI channel in general.

This definitely seems to be the case as Vizio opens its net wider in an industry where consolidation is taking its toll and leaving dealers with a shrinking number ob choices in video display.

Vizio exec Laynie Newsome echoed this growth trend by stating that Vizio now has an install base of 62 million customers and is one of the fastest growing TV brands in the premium A/V industry category

The M-Series and P-Series are both very well known among industry watchers and numerous consumers both for being 4K TVs which first broke the mold on offering both premium features and extremely affordable prices at the same time. Both TV series offer full-array LED backlighting, full 4K resolution and the best connectivity options available at prices that are almost the same as those of many HD TVs.

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