Vimeo is finally rolling out 4K UHD streaming

by on December 4, 2015

Stephan Jukic – December 4, 2015

Joining in with the ranks of Vudu, Amazon, Netflix and YouTube, Vimeo is now also venturing into 4K ultra HD content streaming for a certain subset of their user base in a sort of trial run for a much larger 4K streaming rollout that will hit the internet some time in early 2016 according to reporting from Variety.

Subscribers to Vimeo Pro have already had the ability to upload 4K UHD videos to their own accounts with the site for almost a year, as we reported at the time, but until now, those videos were only available as downloads for other viewers. At the time, Vimeo justified its decision around 4K by explaining that the investment of resources in enabling a 4K streaming service wasn’t justified due to a lack of devices on the market which could view the content in native resolution.

Since then, their policy has obviously changed as the market for 4K-capable displays has alwso grown enormously. Now, at least for the moment only for some users, 4K UHD content will be available for streaming directly from the Vimeo website itself and embedded players from the company on third party sites will also come with ultra HD resolution support.

"A Film About Coffee" was one of Vimeos earlier 4K documentaries and will now be available in streaming

“A Film About Coffee” was one of Vimeos earlier 4K documentaries and will now be available in streaming

Furthermore, Vimeo has announced that it will be unveiling adaptive bitrate streaming for both its website and app platform. In other words, the bitrate of video adjusts according to the streaming quality a user’s internet connection is capable of in any given moment and will also be able to support resolutions as high as 4K.

This bitrate adaptability will first come available to Apple TV devices and to other iOS devices as of now and will then spread to other streaming media platforms like the Amazon Fire TV, the Roku 4 4K set-top box and the Nvidia Shield (an Android device) in the following months.

It’s worth mentioning that out of these several devices, the only one which does not actually even support 4K UHD content is the Apple TV which first gets Vimeo’s adaptive bitrate technology.

In the coming weeks, a number of new premium 4K UHD titles will become available for 4K streaming on the video site, along with the already-made UHD-filmed documentary “A Film About Coffee”.

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