Downloadable 4K ultra HD Hollywood movies are coming later in 2015 from “Vidity”

by on May 26, 2015

Stephan Jukic – May 26, 2015

The battle between making high quality studio content like Hollywood movies easily and widely accessible to downloading users in the home and protecting that content from rampant piracy is not anything new, and it’s been hard fought by a number of factions.

Possibly because of this, CES 2015 was the scene of a showing by a grouping of interests who definitely want you, the user, to be able to legally and easily download store and play movies by Hollywood across a number of devices.

The culmination of this effort goes by the brand name “Vidity” and it’s a system for doing exactly the above which is supposed to emerge later in the year.

As seen in January at the annual CES, the “Vidity” program is the work of the Secure Content Storage Association and these guys are all serious players since the Association consists of a joint effort by both movie studios like Fox, and Warner and storage medium manufactuerers such as Sandisk and Western Digital. And the purpose of this slightly odd alliance? Why of course to create an integrated system in which users can freely and easily download movies of the best possible quality and then actually, you know, watch them across multiple content display platforms.

Vidity's movies and other content are supposed to be downloadable and shareable across not just UHD and HD TVs but also on smartphone and tablet screens

Vidity’s movies and other content are supposed to be downloadable and shareable across not just UHD and HD TVs but also on smartphone and tablet screens

Since the highest quality involves technologies like HDR and 4K ultra HD, these two display technologies will be at the forefront of the characteristics of this content.

The “Vidity” effort is also interesting because it changes things up a bit from the position they’re in now as far as 4K content sources go. So far at least, the majority of what UHD videos there are come in the form of streaming content from sources like Netflix and Amazon Prime, with a few VOD sources also sprinkled into the mix. With Vidity, this will change a bit in terms of options.

Now that Vidity’s content specs (HDR and 4K) are nailed down and the Brand name settled, the company GM, David Huerta recently told Engadget that compatible products and services will soon be on the way and that the real killer feature of the system is its planned ability to work across many different devices, including TVs, PCs, phones and tablets. Basically, the concept is similar to the digital distribution of video games and includes the same copy flexibility, at least hopefully.

Of course, in terms of ease it’s hard to compete with pirated content and especially when it comes to easily moving it from one device to another. However, since Fox and Warner Studios are key members of the Secure Content Storage Association, there is at least some considerable Hollywood weight to the new system. If enough key studios join in, the program could indeed take off and give users both convenience and far more control of their legitimately downloaded content.

Overall, if Vidity takes off, it will be a nice new content and 4K content addition to streaming and the upcoming technology of Blu-ray 4K discs.

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