Videotron unveils 4K set-top box for Canadian market

by on August 11, 2015

Stephan Jukic – August 11, 2015

Quebec-based telecommunications company Videotron has claimed that it’s the first ever telecom provider in Canada to commercially release a 4K UHD set-top box and the company has apparently serious plans for offering some top-notch content on the box to Canadian consumers by the end of summer, 2015.

According to Videotron, the UHD-capable 4K box, which is actually manufactured by Samsung, will offer a processor with 12 times the speed and power of Videotron’s current next-generation box for the company’s own illico TV service. Furthermore, the new 4K box will be able to record eight different pieces of TV programming at the same time, store as many as 115 hours of UHD video in its memory and can alternatively store as many as 320 hours of regular full HD content as well.

In the beginning, Videotron will offer 4K video via Video On Demand, with some of the starting programming including the Stingray Ambience channel and some of the first episodes of “Alerte 5”, TVA’s new documentary-reality TV show. Other programming and movies will be added down the line as Videotron expands the 4K boxes VOD programming selection to owners of 4K ultra HD TVs.

Videotron is a major Canadian MSO, based in Quebec, now releasing the country's first 4K VOD service

Videotron is a major Canadian MSO, based in Quebec, now releasing the country’s first 4K VOD service

As for availability and pricing, the Samsung-built box will be reaching stores by late August or early September for $399 Canadian dollars which seems to be a fairly reasonable offer considering that it’s the same price as that of Videotron’s HD, eight-tuner DVR machine. Furthermore, the VOD 4K titles for the box will be available for rental for $7.99 each, or $1 more than their HD counterparts.

Videotron hopes that this move into UHD 4K will be a catalyst for the further development of a 4K content and technology environment in Canada, a country still behind the U.S in this industry, on both the consumer and production levels.

According to Manon Brouillette, CEO of Videotron, “Consumers will be winners, with the avent of UHD, it will be possible to create an astonishing television experience for viewers. In terms of both Image quality and fast, fluid navigation through the interface, illico 4K UHD will give our customers what is unquestionably the best in technology and entertainment.”

Videotron currently has roughly 1.74 million cable video subscribers throughout Canada.

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