Universal Pictures is planning on releasing numerous titles among the over 100 4K Blu-ray movies for 2016

by on April 19, 2016

Stephan Jukic – April 19, 2016

As we ourselves had predicted in earlier reporting on 4K Blu-ray as it emerged, the supposedly limited title releases initially announced for the beginning of 2016 weren’t going to be the end-all and be-all of this year’s UHD BD entertainment options. It was inevitable that the major studios would keep racking up new movie releases as UHD Blu-ray took on greater popularity.

Universal Pictures is now just one of the major studios working to live up to this expectation. The company is moving along with competitors like Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount and other smaller studios to release its own title selection from the over 100 new movies in the new ultra HD HDR disc format expected in time for the end of 2016.

For starters, the upcoming Jason Bourne and Warcraft films will be among the first films to his the new HDR Blu-ray format from Paramount but they will soon after be followed by UHD versions of movies like Lone Survivor, Lucy, Everest and many others following after that.

The home entertainment wing of Paramount has announced that it plans on making all of these and other movies available in both 4K UHD Blu-ray and conventional HD BD digital formats, and though they haven’t stated when the 4K versions of the movies would be coming in terms of a specific date, we can expect the titles to be available in 4K Blu-ray by the end of 2016.


Pricing is also another slightly hazy issue for these movie releases and whatever prices they start at may eventually fall due to competition from rival studios in 4K BD as well as from a growing range of streaming media options. However, what we can guess is that starting retail prices for the new 4K discs will hover at comfortably above the $30 mark. We’ve already seen their first movie release in 4K Blu-ray with HDR get announced for $47.99, which is the retail price of Paramount’s release of the Star Trek movies combo pack in 4K, HD and other digital video formats.

Overall, this apparently robust growth in the quantity of these new 4K UHD Blu-ray discs is also matched by growing consumer knowledge of their excellent, pretty much unparalleled quality as well. On an HDR-capable 4K TV, nothing quite matches 4K Blu-ray, since all such discs also include high dynamic range standards in their content. However, one limiting factor for sales in 2016 could be the fact that you’d need to first own an actual HDR 4K TV and then also a 4K Blu-ray media player in order to really enjoy these movies at their best. The media player costs nearly $400 (for Samsung’s UBD-K9500) and 4K HDR TVs have only really become standardized in 2016, which many 2014 and 2015 buyers of 4K televisions might just find highly annoying.

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