UltraFlix offers the first 4K streaming service to the iMac with 5K retina display

by on June 4, 2015

Stephan Jukic – June 04, 2015

The 4K ultra HD streaming up-and-comer Ultraflix, owned by Nanotech Entertainment, has been a hungry company since it first started its 4K service last year. They’ve not only been building up their 4K content collection into something audiences will definitely desire, they’ve also been pushing to make it available on as many TVs as possible, including Samsung’s models, the two Vizio lines of 4K TVs (M-Series and P-Series) as well as on other brands.

Now, Ultraflix is also aiming for the 4K PC market and all the potential viewers it contains. This is being done in the form of a new service, released on May 4th, 2015 that offers a selection of the award winning Ultraflix UHD network of content to the new Mac OX operating system that runs on the 4K iMac. This release by Nanotech comes right on the verge of Apple’s WWDC event being held in San Francisco.

The fairly new 27-inch iMac 5K desktop machine is the flagship of the entire Apple display technology array and is definitely their most advanced computer thanks to its screen, which offers almost unparalleled pixel density thanks to its above-4K resolution on such a relatively small display space. In addition to this, the iMac is popular, perhaps more popular than many other computers and is also thus-far pretty much the only completely integrated single-brand PC solution to offer 4K or more worth of resolution.

Other companies have produced ultra HD laptops and 4K display monitors or other PC components like GPUs for handling games and content in ultra HD but nobody else has yet come out with a fully integrated ultra HD PC in one single, fully assembled package.

Furthermore, while 4K TV content is plunging ahead with new developments, the 4K content market for PCs has so far remained extraordinarily limited due to content copy protection issues. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime won’t yet allow their streaming 4K content offerings be viewed on a 4K PC monitor and limit them to TVs and UHD projectors. Thus, Ultraflix is definitely breaking this mold in a big way and possibly gaining an edge on its much better known competitors.

The 5K iMac is currently nearly the only all-in-one ultra HD PC solution on the market

The 5K iMac is currently nearly the only all-in-one ultra HD PC solution on the market

According to Aaron Taylor, NanoTech VP of sales and marketing, “It was a natural fit for us to take the world’s highest quality 4K Ultra HD content and provide it to the world’s best looking Mac displays. By leveraging our proprietary sate of the art compression technology, Ultraflix provides Mac customers the best possible movie experience on their Retina display”.

Ultraflix hosts a collection of over 200+ hours of 4K content and recently even acquired the rights to distribute the hit science fiction film “Interstellar” to audiences in full 4K resolution.

Returning to the theme of content security for PCs that want to display studio-grade 4K content, the new OS X version of the Ultraflix app that goes on the 5K iMac features NanoTech’s new SecureStream anti-piracy technology and can be downloaded by iMac owners at the Ultraflix website.

While we can’t haven’t seen the details behind how secure this software is, we can assume it has convinced the assorted studios and other content providers which have given NanoTech access to their 4K movies and TV shows.

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