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Ultraflix hires the editor of “Star Wars. Despecialized Edition” to help the company oversee its 4K movie conversions

by on February 11, 2015

Stephan Jukic – February 11, 2015

Nanotech entertainment is a growing name in the world of 4K VoD content for subscribers and its Ultraflix ultra HD content service is available to more 4K TV models than ever before.

Because of this and because the company wants to also built its own still small brand recognition, they’ve hired Petr Harmy, the editor behind the “Star Wars: Despecialized Edition” remastered Star Wars trilogy as part of their 4K conversion team.

Harmy will be helping the NanoTech subsidiary UltraFlix convert its existing stock of olde and new movies into full 4K resolution for release to the service’s streaming media subscription platform.

Harmy himself confirmed the move on the OriginalTrilogy website, which was set up in an effort to petition Star Wars creator George Lucas into releasing an HD version of the original “Star Wars” movies to the public.

Instead of Lucas doing that, Petr Harmy, using prints from the original celluloid film of the three movies, Blu-ray releases and a number of other sources, created the “Despecialized Edition” trilogy, which is a 720p HD version of the original “Star Wars” movies with all of the original effects still intact.

Ultraflix wants to build a 4K entertainment library that rivals Netflix, Sony and Amazon Prime

Ultraflix wants to build a 4K entertainment library that rivals Netflix, Sony and Amazon Prime

Now, with this Star Wars fame under his belt, Harmy is going to be moving his editing talent over to the laboratories at NanoTech, which is making a full-blown effort to create as large a library as possible of 4K ultra HD movies for streaming release to their subscribers. The company plans on offering both sales and rentals of these films and is competing directly with streaming media giants Netflix and Amazon who also offer 4K content to millions of customers.

However, because UltraFlix and its parent NanoTech have nowhere near the same level of brand recognition as either Netflix or Amazon, they’re hoping that the inclusion of Petr Harmy into their 4K conversion efforts will boost the overall name recognition of their UHD streaming service.

UltraFlix(NanoTech had already unveiled the fact that it has created a fully equipped 4K post-production transfer studio and would actively be growing its collection of movies taken from studio vaults and converted to 4K ultra HD digital resolution in exchange for a period of exclusivity that would apply to all such movies.

These public revelations were made by the company at the recent International CES 2015 show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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