The newly formed UHD Alliance wants to make 4K TVs into much more than just a passing fad

by on January 14, 2015

Stephan Jukic – January 14, 2015

Although virtually all recent indicators indicate that 4K TVs and 4K resolution technology in general are anything but a small passing curiosity, the newly formed UHD Alliance wants to make absolutely sure of this in 2015 and beyond.

The Alliance, recently announced at CES 2015, consists of some of the biggest players in the 4K electronics and media industries, and includes companies such as Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Disney, Netflix and others in assorted industries.

Most fundamentally of all, the UHD Alliance wants to change just how much content we consumers have access to that comes in native 4K.

A press conferene held by the UHD Alliance at CES 2015

A press conferene held by the members of the UHD Alliance at CES 2015

As recently reported by various sources, including, the UHD Alliance is a working group of several major media and TV manufacturing players and the idea behind its formation is that the biggest names in television can work together at addressing the core issues surrounding the distribution and implementation of 4K TVs worldwide. This plan includes setting standards for 4K UHD content, terminology, logos and delivery of products and content services.

Given that there are still many people among the public who don’t even know exactly what 4K technology is really about, the importance of the UHD Alliance and its roster of Big-Name corporate players cannot be understated.

The Alliance wants to, in the words of one Samsung executive working on the project, establish a “healthy UHD ecosystem”.

Achieving this includes making sure that the native 4K content production keeps flowing, that the content produced looks good and that delivery is smooth and easy to access from a consumer standpoint.

So far, the massive partnership of UHD Alliance players is just getting started and its formation was announced only a week ago at the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nonetheless, despite this, Samsung is expecting the Alliance to start delivering results within 2015, even if some of these results end up being fairly simple at first.

For example, one part of the UHD Alliances goal is to make sure that how people recognize UHD TVs gets standardized. To this end, some of the first efforts the players of the Alliance make will mainly consist of standardized marketing. Just for starters, a big part of this will be making sure that both the terms UHD and 4K become individually recognized for what they mean. (4K is slightly different from UHD, as we explained here).

Key manufactures in the UHD Alliance, particularly Samsung, are expecting sales of 4K TVs to quadruple in 2015 and they want to make sure that the content which is now only trickling down into 4K TVs becomes more of a flood. This, more than almost anything else, will encourage more buyer interest.

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