Here are TV Maker Vizio’s new, Extremely Affordable New 4K Ultra HD TVs

by on September 22, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 22, 2014

As 4K technology grows more affordable and common across the board, TV maker Vizio is throwing its first ever offering into the already price competitive 4K TV market.

At an upcoming event in New York City that is supposed to open this week, the company will be releasing its new line of Ultra-High Definition TVs to the wider public amidst heavier media attention. However, the 4K TVs themselves have already quietly been on sale online for a short time, retailing on for example and at prices that are REALLY competitive as far as 4K TV goes.

The new Vizio TVs, called the P-Series line, will be priced at nearly record low prices and the 60 inch P602ui-B3 will cost a mere $1,700. Considering that comparably sized models from brands like Panasonic, LG or Sony can cost several thousand dollars, this is a truly impressive price.

As a comparison point, the LG 60 inch 60UB8200, which isn’t even among LGs latest models of 4K TVs and has already gone through price drops, still currently costs over $2500. Sony, while not having a 60 inch 4K set on sale, offers its much smaller 50 inch model, the HU6950 at a price only $100 dollars cheaper than LG’s 60 inch model. To find a Sony Ultra HD TV that costs only $1700 or anything like it means going all the way down to the small 48 inch Sony X850B.

In addition to the 60 inch P602ui-B 4K Ultra HD TV, Vizio will also be offering a smaller 55 inch model that’s priced at an even more reasonable $1,400 and yet another massive 70 inch model for a still extremely low priced $2,500 (remember that LG’s 60 inch older model TV costs the same).

The bottom line here is that Vizio’s new 4K models are extremely cheap and are going to have a very interesting impact on the overall pricing structures already at play in the 4K TV market as a whole. This is particularly so because Vizio is not an unknown low end brand. While possibly not comparable to Sony or Samsung, the company does produce good TV technology at least.

However, the question of whether or not they will really perform does remain.

Given the impression Vizio’s new 4K model TVs made at CES 2014, the answer is likely to be a definitive Yes. They definitely produce excellent 4K visual quality and are also loaded up with a neat bundle of Smart TV and other features that work nicely for the price in question. Furthermore, unlike many more expensive 4K sets from other major brands, the new Vizio line features full-array LED backlighting instead of simple Edge-lit LED lighting.

This alone more than makes them worth their purchase price since full-array backlighting translates into some very superb visual quality.

And if the full-array backlighting isn’t enough, they also offer the company’s already reputable local dimming technology built into the LED screen. This will lead to some excellent contrasts between light and dark that only a few 4K TV models can currently manage.

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