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Toshiba Launches New U Series of 4K UHD TVs at IFA 2014

by on September 2, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – September 2nd, 2014

Toshiba has chosen the massive IFA 2014 European technology convention that’s just starting in Berlin as of today to showcase the prototype sets of its new 4K Ultra HD series of televisions which are supposed to come with a host of new features.

We’re obviously going to be getting more details from Toshiba itself as the IFA shows rolls onwards. But the company has unveiled a list of details about the new TVs features that will be coming along with its next 4K TV releases.

For starters, the new Toshiba TVs will finally be compatible with HEVC video encoding! This is an absolutely crucial feature of the sets and without it, no Toshiba TV could stream movies and TV shows from some of the best sources currently available worldwide. Netflix and Amazon, among others all use HEVC to stream their native 4K content and Philips lack of compatibility was a damming absence for their 4K TVs.

It’s also rumored that the new Toshiba U series of TVs will come with the Netflix 4K streaming app.

Netflix 4K

Netflix 4K Streaming interface possibly coming with Toshiba U series

The screens of the Toshiba U series will still use the Toshiba CEVO Picture engine but will finally have the MediaGuide Replay feature, which is Toshiba’s “Personal catch-up TV service” that gives enhanced remote control functionality via tablet or smart phone and also gives programming recommendations based on previous viewing behavior.

Toshiba should also be including full HDMI connectivity in these new 4K smart TVs if they really want to stay competitive on the market. HDMI 2.0 is the only version of HDMI which is capable of transferring content from another machine to the TV at a rate of 60 fps as opposed to the 30 fps of older HDMI 1.4. Only at 60 fps do movies and action content refresh smoothly enough to look really, honestly good.

The new Toshiba TVs will also be sporting a brand new design that is promising to be more sleek and stylish than that found in older Toshiba 4K TVs.

Toshiba is also taking advantage of IFA 2014 to reveal details about new editions to its L24 range of HDTVs that will be coming out in the form of 40 and 50 inch models.

The IFA trade show for this year is definitely going to be a massive event and we can expect a wide assortment of new product updates and innovate new technologies to emerge which haven’t yet been discussed openly.

Furthermore, all of the major brands like Sony, Samsung and LG will be showcasing all of their latest developments in the 4K marketplace.

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  • Ben Oakes
    August 16, 2018 at 3:27 am

    As we all know that Toshiba is a huge brand of electronics devices as it will be showcasing a prototype of its new U series Ultra HD 4K TV at IFA 2014 ahead of the product’s launch. Great news for the TV lovers.


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