This Visually Stunning Premiere Xbox One X Ad Really Plays Up 4K Power

by on October 23, 2017

Stephan Jukic – October 23, 2017

Xbox One X is without a doubt Microsoft’s most powerful and advanced gaming console to-date. Thus you can hardly expect the company to shirk on really playing up these features for the new platform in a heavy duty promotional effort. In this sense, the latest ad for the 4K-capable Xbox One X, does not fail to impress. It absolutely plays up the new console’s 4K ultra HD chops and at the same time, even more importantly, tries to tie these into developing a feeling of how you too can be part of a magically immersive world with aliens, roaring sports spectacles and fantastic combat adventures just around the corner, if you spend $500 on the One X when it comes out that is.

Featuring 60 seconds of Kanye West’s song “Power” as its soundtrack, the advertisement is pretty much crammed with non-stop action and puts a particular focus on the sheer visual spectacle that the Xbox One X can offer the right kind of user thanks to its 4K ultra HD gaming resolution support and full HDR capabilities.

Here’s the video itself, and we really recommend watching it on your 4K UHD TV if you have one.

Also importantly for the creators of the ad and Microsoft behind them, the short promotional video aims at being as viscerally inclusive as it can be, with a broad range of male and female players of different ethnicities represented for the sake of giving players worldwide regardless of gender a feeling that they too can get some heavy enjoyment from the 4K Xbox One X as soon as they get their hands on a unit and some of its games.

This new run of whirlwind promotional clip is part of a broader gamingXbox marketing campaign called “Feel True Power” by its creators and is just one of about a dozen other videos for assorted other media platforms.

The video and others like it can all be viewed on the Xbox YouTube channel and feature what are definitely interesting shows of just how much graphics performance Microsoft’s new console can deliver.

Xbox One X 4K gaming

The Xbox One X debuts for active sale as of November 7th of this year and without a doubt features specs that comfortably kick the ass of any previous gaming console yet created for a mass market. It features a custom 8-core X86 CPU with 2.3GHz of clocked power, a 6 TFlop AMD GPU, a 12GB GDDR5 RAM and a 1TB internal storage unit. In other words, the Xbox One X outpaces the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro on raw power and offers what to us looks like some genuine 4K gaming performance that can actually manage decent frame rates. While the upcoming console is most heavily aimed at the fast-growing market of both current and near future 4K HDR TV owners, Microsoft has also done quite a bit to show off the console’s performance improvements for owners of nearly any kind of TV, even really old models.

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