This 60 Inch Sony 4K HDR TV Is Selling For $300 Off For The Next 13 Hours Only

by on March 12, 2019
Stephan Jukic – March 12, 2019

Sony’s 4K UHD TVs have a long history of being some of the best models on the market. We’ve noted this over several years of carefully reviewing each year’s releases and haven’t seen this tendency go away at any time in the last year and a half for the newest models available. If anything, some of the company’s cheaper televisions with 4K resolution have become better than they ever were relative to their pricier premium cousins from the same brand.

This is definitely the case with the Sony X830F now being offered through Amazon for one very big discount of $300 off the regular retail price of the huge 60 inch edition of this model. In other words, this 60 inch X830F edition is now suddenly retailing for $798 instead of the $1098 it was going for previously. This deal is truly time limited though. As of this posting, it’s slated to end in just over 13 hours, with a countdown meter running on Amazon’s page.

The X830F may not have quite the powerhouse features that Sony’s top-shelf models like the X900F or the X9F deliver but what it does deliver is superb by mid-range 4K TV standards for anyone looking to upgrade to ultra HD technology on a reasonable budget.

Thus, the X830F offers up full true 4K UHD resolution, high dynamic range color support for extremely vibrant, rich color rendering of streamed or disc HDR content in 4K and, as is typical of Sony;s 4K UHD TVs, this edition also delivers some truly excellent motion handling on its native 120Hz display for your favorite movies, sports casts and just about any regular daily TV content there is out there. Not going to be watching just native 4K content on your TV? That’s also not a problem for the X830F; like all of Sony’s 4K TVs, it comes with the same resolution upscaling engine as even the company’s best models and will do one spectacularly good job of making 1080p, 720p and even regular SD content look better than you’d ever see them on an ordinary HDTV.

Then of course there’s Sony’s superbly designed Android TV smart platform, which comes integrated with all Sony 4K TVs right out of the box. One thing we particularly love about Android TV in particular is that as a Google creation, it comes with the Google Play store built into it as well. This is unique amongst smart TV systems and gives you access to thousands more apps than is usually possible with most 4K UHD TVs from other brands.

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The connectivity options in the X830F edition are also fully modernized, with multiple 4K HDR-capable HDMI ports and three different USB ports, one of which comes with USB 3.0 capability.

To really summarize the quality of this deal, we can safely say that it offers exceptional value per dollar spent and is one of the better choices out there right now for 4k HDR home theater at a fairly affordable price, especially if you want a decently large 60 inch display too.

Here are some additional specs and Amazon’s link to this limited time offer:

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 53 5/8 x 31 1/8 x 3 1/8(7/16) inch, TV with stand: 53 5/8 x 33 5/8 x 12 1/2 inch
  • Take non-HDR content to the next level with the X1 processor and 4K X-Reality PRO
  • Enjoy smooth and vibrant colors with TRILUMINOS Display & 4K HDR Super Bit Mapping
  • Pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, color, and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the most lifelike picture
  • Voice-control your TV with Amazon Alexa compatibility. Android TV with Google Assistant technology gives you a genius TV
  • 120Hz native refresh rate plus Motionflow XR technology gives you fast moving action scenes with virtually no motion blur

Sony X830F 4K HDR UHD LCD TV on sale 2

Here’s the deeply discounted Sony XBR X830F 4K HDR LCD Smart TV (2018 Model) on Amazon

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