This is why we don’t buy rumors that the 2016 iPad Air might come with a 4K display

by on January 28, 2016

Stephan Jukic – January 28, 2016

As of March, a new iPad Air will be hitting the shelves and if one particular rumor about the highly anticipated new tablet turns out to be correct, it’s going to have a 4K display.

According to the sources at hand, which start off with a Wednesday news piece from 9to5Mac, Apple’s plans for their next iPad consist of a March release date for a device which will in essence be the successor to the iPad Air of 2014.

However, on top of this much more basic and plausible rumor, the Chinese news site Digitimes then emerged with a story on Thursday in which supposed sources within the Apple manufacturing and supply chain claimed to the site that the iPad Air slated for a March release will also be able to dish out 4K resolution on its screen.

Now, Digitimes has nailed down some excellent tidbits in the past which later proved to be correct but they’ve also dropped the ball and been proven wrong before too. In this case, the big question is, which will turn out to be the case?

The Digitimes-sourced rumors also claims that the upcoming iPad Air 3, so to speak, will include a 4GB RAM for much better overall performance and will also come with a battery life that expands on the current normal 10 hours a single full charge gets you in the iPad Air 2. In other words, we could end up with a powerhouse little iPad tablet with some truly stunning Retina display chops, PC-level RAM and possibly about 12 hours of battery life in the Spring.

Furthermore, according to the Digitimes article, the new iPd Air won’t include 3D Touch display of the kind found in the current iPhone 6 but will possibly come with other cool technologies.

Again, the rumor is unsubstantiated and this particular source has made false calls on past Apple products but they have also been correct from time to time.

The 4K iMac is the only Apple device to currently offer specific 4K resolution

The 4K iMac is the only Apple device to currently offer specific 4K resolution

We ourselves at don’t quite buy into this rumor, as much as we’d like it to be true. 4K displays are indeed becoming a thing in a growing range of ever smaller display devices which will include both tablets and smartphones in 2016 and the latest iPhone models do support video recording in 4K but on the whole, Apple itself has consistently shown their display device and media platform policies to be leery of adopting 4K technology. Only two current Apple products, the 5K iMac from October of 2014 and the more recent 4K iMac, come with 4K or above resolution and even Apple’s latest version of the Apple TV streaming media set-top platform for TVs doesn’t feature 4K support, despite the fact that most of its competitors now do.

If we had to bet, we’d argue that the rumor turns out to be false, not so much because this new display technology twist is unfeasible (it isn’t) but because Apple is the company it’s being attributed to and we’d more expect Apple to take up 4K technology again in a device which sells better and offers more practical utility than a 4K iPad.

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