This is why Sky won’t be launching 4K UHD content on its new Sky Q Media hub right away

by on November 23, 2015

Stephan Jukic – November 23, 2015

As we’ve already covered in some detail on more than a couple different occasions, Sky has now released its new and extremely innovative set-top box media hub package in the form of the Sky Q Silver box and an accompanying Sky Q Mini box.

Along with a whole pile of multiple content stream sharing technologies, the new Sky Q system from Sky is also one of the most versatile content delivery platforms we’ve seen to-date, putting to shame the still HD only Apple TV and offering some very heavy potential competition against other serious 4K ultra HD media systems like the Amazon Fire 4K TV box, the Roku 4 4K box and the Nvidia Shield game/content combo media device.

However, with the impressive launch of Sky Q, there comes a certain catch: For all of its much-vaunted 4K UHD capacities and content options down the pipeline, the newest addition to the world of advanced multimedia set-top boxes won’t come with any 4K content selections at all until 2016 rolls around, and there’s a good reason for this, at least according to Sky executives.

In some recent blurbs via the website Pocket-lint, top people at Sky explained why Sky Q will be bereft of 4K UHD video streams for at least the next couple of months or more, despite the fact that the box is already being touted by Sky as being “UHD Ready”.

According to Sky executives, the company’s reasoning for not immediately throwing 4K content at their new box is that they don’t want to get content in full ultra HD resolution out there just for the sake of doing so and pleasing the tech news headlines. Instead, the company wants to make sure that whatever new 4K channels they do offer are some of the best available on the markets in which Sky Q is sold.

Sky Q's 4K UHD content is slated to include live sportscasts in native 4K resolution as well as other, streamed content

Sky Q’s 4K UHD content is slated to include live sportscasts in native 4K resolution as well as other, streamed content

In words explained to Pocket-lint reporters during the recent November 17th unveiling of Sky Q, The Sky director of brand and TV technologies, Luke Bradley-Jones affirmed that the company’s commitment to 4K UHD broadcasting was serious and that when 4K UHD does launch on the Sky Q, it will be of the widest possible range of quality content.

According to Bradley-Jones, “[Sky Q] is absolutely UHD-ready and we’re launching in 2016. And when we do launch it will be the UK’s most comprehensive UHD service. It’s not going to be just a load of live sport, it’s going to be the movies and entertainment”.

He further affirmed that “When we launch, we are going to offer a broader range of UHD than you will get anywhere else.”

Sky Q’s 4K UHD content will be delivered via both internet streams and satellite broadcasting, with options for direct streaming, VOD, and even content downloading for later viewing. There will also apparently be an option for downloading 4K movies and programming to third party devices besides 4K UHD TVs, where they can later be watched at leisure.

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