This Is The Absolute Lowest Price We’ve Ever Seen For A New LG 4K HDR OLED TV

by on November 7, 2017

Stephan Jukic – November 7, 2017

LG’s OLED 4K TVs are widely recognized as some of the best 4K TVs in existence. When the first models emerged in 2014, they were almost immediately looked upon as fairly stunning performers by numerous reviewers (including us) due to their sheer range of excellent specs, and since then they’ve only improved. This improvement has been incredible in the 2017 models and unlike their older 2014 and 2015 cousins, they have finally overcome even the few issues that OLED display always previously had (mainly its low peak brightness). In other words, today’s OLED 4K HDR models remain among the very best 4K televisions that you can get your hands on.

On the other hand, the LG lineup of OLED HDR models has also pretty consistently been expensive. They’ve gone down heavily in price since early days but they’re still far from budget 4K TVs as a general rule. This is however just a general rule and now at least one major online retailer has bent it more deeply than ever before with the latest price of one of its best 2017 models, the B7, which is now selling at an unprecedented price tag for the 55 inch model.

At just $1596.99 on right now, the LG B7 OLED 4K UHD HDR television is nearly $400 cheaper than any LG OLED TV has ever been before and over $700 cheaper than its initial release price tag of $2,299 earlier in 2017. Furthermore, since OLED TV specs are remarkably uniform across all models, premium or flagship ultra-premium, the B7 delivers nearly the exact same fundamental picture performance as its much more expensive E7, G7 and flagship W7 OLED cousins for this year. Yes, these other TVs come with more stylish designs, better sound systems and a few other additional extra accessory features but in terms of color performance, black levels, peak brightness and motion handling for all types of content and in terms of fundamental high dynamic range delivery, all of them are pretty much the same in our review experience.

(if you don’t believe us check for yourself, here is our review of the lower priced LG C7, which is nearly identical to the B7 and our review of the LG flagship 2017 OLED, the W7. Just compare their measured brightness, color, contrast, and color performance metrics in each).

In other words, right now you can get almost the exact same display quality that you’d find in LG’s $12,000 W7 flagship OLED for a ridiculously low (by OLED standards) price of just under $1600. This is fantastic and definitely worth looking into if you’re looking for the best possible 4K TV on a moderate budget before Black Friday or the Christmas Holiday hit. This also isn’t some fake deal in which the price we’re describing has been around for months. It’s new and even in October, the B7 55 inch edition was still selling for about $1800, over $200 more than what it now costs

OLED 4K TV displays are renowned for how accurately they deliver perfect infinite contrast and pixel-perfect local dimming/brightness due to the fact that each one of their 8.29 million pixels can be activated or deactivated individually. No LCD 4K TV of any kind at any price comes close to matching this level of near perfection on contrast, and the result for picture performance in the OLED models is indeed truly stunning. They also manage unbeatable motion handling for fast-paced video and deliver some of the best color vibrancy of any HDR TV sold today. All of this is what the LG B7 offers and we can’t stress its value enough at a price of $1596.99 on right now.

LG OLED B7 4K HDR TV on sale

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